Swadisthan (naval) chakra - Planet Mercury

The sacral chakra is the second of the seven main chakras or energy centers located below the navel where the perineum is.


The ancient wisdom of the chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BCE, and the Vedas is the ancient text that introduces the seven chakras. The sacral chakra, also known as the sex chakra, is the second of the seven main chakras. The chakra location is around the lumbar spine, below the navel or under the belly button. It represents sexuality and creativity. In Sanskrit, the sacral chakra is called the Swadhisthana Chakra, which translates to two Sanskrit words - Swa meaning self, and Adhishthana meaning established.

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The sacral chakra is associated with pleasure, sexuality and joy. It supports emotional and physical health aspects and governs many of the body’s fluids, from the sex organs, the bladder, and the kidneys. Kundalini energy lies dormant at the base of the spine until wellness practices, such as meditation, asanas, and pranayama, activate it. Energy flowing through the sacral chakra will allow one to feel dynamic, stimulated, and confident. A balanced sacral chakra will support sensuality, creativity, and healthy emotions.
The sacral chakra is associated with one’s relationships. It can support a healthy relationship by helping one create intimate relationships and healthy boundaries. Restoring balance in the sacral chakra will, in turn, restore balance in relationships. Blocked chakra energy can negatively impact the physical body, mental state and general well-being. If one is experiencing any of the following negative qualities, this may be a sign that their sacral chakra is out of balance:


🏵Lower back pain
🏵Kidney issues
🏵Joint problems


🏵Low energy
🏵Lack of creativity
🏵Emotional instability
🏵Problems with intimacy
🏵Feeling overwhelmed


Chanting meditation: Sit comfortably in a reclined position and close your eyes. Visualize a flat, white moon that goes from your knees and extends up your navel. Repeat the mantra “vwam.” You can continue this meditation for anywhere from 1-20 minutes.


🏵strengthens our thinking capacity
🏵supports our sense of aesthetics and creativity in all fields
🏵The ability to understand easily
🏵come up with practical solutions to our problems in life
🏵intelligence mind power and creativity
🏵Pure knowledge connect the most complex thoughts and difficult concepts
🏵serves as a bridge between the spirit, matter and mind
🏵rules fine arts and science
🏵healthy decisions with clear attention.

7 Chakras Are:

What are major spiritual awakening symptoms?

☘️(1) You start becoming ocean of love.
☘️(2) You forgive people for their past deeds.
☘️(3) Your present becomes so beautiful.
☘️(4) You do the things with totality.
☘️(5) You are more compassionate towards others.
☘️(6) You are more keen towards mystics and monks.
☘️(7) You get rejuvenate.
☘️(8) You feel a saturation inside you.
☘️(9) You see life in a different dimension.
☘️(10) You are ready to sacrifice yourself for Truth and Dharma.
☘️(11) You are untouched with sorrows.
☘️(12) You seem a hope for others.
☘️(13) People will notice it and they will gather you.
☘️(14) You become egoless.
☘️(15) Your vibes turn into medicine which people take for healing them.
☘️(16) You feel more connected in nature.
☘️(17) You start becoming conscious.
☘️(18) Sex evaporates.
☘️(19) You feel a certain energy which is unknown to you.
☘️(20) You get unite with this cosmos.

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