Career Or Profession Predictions As Per Birth Chart


Ruling planet is mars, quality is cardinal and always on the move. It is the first and fastest of all the signs, but not noisiest. The natives are quiet and work swiftly. They have the ability of mars, a planet concerned solely with action and physical energy. Aries have so much power and energy that they tend to burn themselves up. As such they should take care replenish their resources. Are entrepreneurs, leaders and adventurers. They are highly motivated and courageous. Are well suited to become a firefighter, surgeon, mechanics, professional athlete, rescue workers, soldiers or security personal. It is a fiery and movable sign and denotes careers that require enterprise, dynamism and energy. They may be closely associated with government and are vulnerable to criticism. They do well in military, police, security services, scientists, Ideal careers: Anything having to do with competition or physicality is right up your alley. Think: outdoor guide, personal trainer, athlete, or working for a sports organization. And, as mentioned before, a CEO or other management professional isn't far off—you like being in control, and do best when you can offer your insight to a support team to execute.


Are stable, conservative and sensual. They are fond of smart clothes, jewelry and comfortable Life and would excel in fashion designing, jewellery and interior decorators. They are impressed by bigness. Financial institutions or big corporations are places. They have artistic skills and often become good actors, singers, sculptors, interior decors or involve in work with the earth in one or the other ways. They are down to earth and practical. It is a second sign of zodiac with fixed earth. Are good advertising and publicity agents, throat-specialist, actor, singer, musician, those connected with entertainment and amusement, tailors, gardeners, nursery owners, dealer of vehicles, cosmetics, jewellery, costly fabric, garments, fashion articles, finance, broker, company –manager, accountant, farmer, horticulturist Ideal careers: One of the most dependable and hardworking signs, you'll thrive in an environment that rewards tenacity and dedication. Jobs like flower arranging, food industry jobs, or luxury sales provide the two things Taurus value most—beautiful things and a steady routine. great with money and practical financial advice, making them ideal for banking and finance careers.


Are very unyielding in their determination and are often considered as obstinate. They have great power of endurance, both physical and mental. They can pass through enormous strains of fatigue as long as the excitement or determination lasts. They are often seen as writers, orators, journalists, teachers, secretaries, lawyers or computer programmers, excellent directors etc. Are good workers in communications, engineers, analytical studies of law and education, writers, secretaries, rail and air transport connected professions, inspectors, sales agents, auditors or accountants, representatives, diplomats, journalism, transport, short journey by roads, tutors, secretaries, personal assistant train and traders in diverse commodities. They are also proficient in logic and mathematics. Sun in Gemini gives one gain excellence in engineering, music, fine arts, and law education. Ideal careers: Anything that requires relaying information and keeping up with tons of different topics is an ideal career, so teaching and communications are perfect for you. You're mentally active and love to process a lot of different aspects of a project, so being a go-between of sorts would also work well—think PR and publicity or project manager.


Are subtle and brilliant, but they usually lack continuity of purpose. They have tremendous mind power and are enthusiastic, imaginative and researching. Their minds keep changing according to the situations. They can become good psychologists. They will be influenced by the dress, gait habits’ and bearing of their colleagues, friends and all those around. They have to cultivate will power and self confidence to become successful in life. They will amass wealth through the exercise of their imagination, poets, writers, famous actors, photographers, cinematographers, directors, lawyers, lectures, company promoters, pubic speakers or career which requires diplomacy, tact and fineness. They are good in biology, botany, geography, zoology, fishing, marine life, merchant navy, home furnishing, dairy farming, bee-keeping, honey, all jobs related with water or liquids, nurses,


Are creative, artistic, colorful, generous, honest and revolutionary. They are able persons who can readily take up any job and complete it. At the same time they are full of contradictions and are sometimes restless. They will have great administrative talents. Once they have panned something, they will work their way through it, come what may. They are good poets, artistes, politicians, engineers, chemists, doctors, military personal, dentists, metallurgists, sportspersons, astronauts, astronomers, traders or experts in law. Such natives are civil servants, politicians, ministers, chief executives, diplomats, speculators, auditors, investment business, jewellery and gold, fireman, theatre owners, ambassadors, forest off Ideal careers: As mentioned, teaching and politics are a great fit for you, while anything having to do with entertaining others—such as acting, music, movie work, or even costume design—can also pique your interest. You also make magnetic leaders, so CEO and directors aren't far off


Are natural bureaucrats but socially they tend to be shy and lack of confidence when expressing their feelings. They will accomplish what is impossible to others. They will shine in professions of mass communication and will shine well in service related jobs. They want frequent changes in everything. They can resist anything that threatens to upset the boundaries of their expectations and established order. They become excellent secretaries. VWell in jobs requiring intelligence and efficiency like psychologists, psychiatrists, healers, professors, mathematician, computers, astrologers, accountant, auditors commerce and trade, chartered accountants, management graduates, paper dealers, book keepers, authors or writers jobs related with communications or transport, clerk, stenos, land owners, tel Ideal careers: Amazing memories and their perfectionism means they deal well with mass amounts of information and know what to do when emotions run high. They do extremely well in the service and care industries—as servers, running shops, working the front desk, and as therapists—while they also excel at anything that requires mass amounts of research or stats—think fact-checker and editor, technician, translator, or detective.


You will understand the finer secrets in the minds of others and act as accordingly. You will make people happy and make a living out of it. They thrive in social groups, being born diplomats, bringing enemies together to make them friends. They are fastidious about their personal appearance, have a great respect for rank and position and are great supporters of law and the law’s decisions. Are good management consultants, judges, advocates, officer of law, logicians, druggist, beauticians, fashion designing, fashion models, interior decorators, air hostess, Ideal careers: Represented by the scales of justice, law enforcement and justice are natural fits for you. You're a people person at heart, so working with others is crucial to your happiness—think hospitality, customer service, diplomats, travel agents, and even a wedding planner.


Have instinctive sense of what is right and what is wrong. You are constructive of the good and destructive of the evil. You will never bow to the authority of others. You will be good in yoga, meditation, medicine, scriptural studies, spiritual studies, scientific studies and research. You are usually interested in all the things deep, dark or hidden, which cover a range of activities. You may become psychologists, therapists, archeologists, historians, detectives or members of mysterious religious cults or political groups. It gives a profession in the army, navy, police officers or defense officials, boilers, surgeons, dentist, drugs, chemists, water supply, nurses, judges, geographers, explorers, barbers, dealers in sea foods, mechanics, sailors, dock workers, coffin makers, navigators, lic agents, research scientists, astrologers, occultist Ideal careers: As mentioned, you would be at home in the surgery room or as a secret agent, as well as working in crisis management (things that need a high level of secrecy) like a real-life Olivia Pope. You're also great with resource management and logistics, and would make an outstanding chief financial officer.


You are noble persons who are very helpful to others. You are great counselors, untiring workers, knowledgeable and good at extracting work from others.You cannot adapt themselves to the changing trends very easily and quickly. You will follow the dicta of elders and preceptor. You do well in machines, chemicals, artifacts, public service, administrative jobs, banks, philosophers, diplomats, electronics, computers, and commission business and through journeys across long distances. They will not be carried away by money or fame. You will be persons of good habits and actions. It also gives a profession as ministers, councilors, priests, teachers, preachers, school, temples, lawyers, judges, explorers, consultants, physicians, civil engineers, army officers, patriots, sportsman, weaponry, animal husbandry, executive bankers, financial experts, magistrates, accountancy, astrology Ideal careers: You love to travel and learn from others in every part of the world, so any job related to the travel industry is a good one, as is any job that has travel as a big part of the job—think consulting or tourism. Since you love inspiring others, you're also great as a teacher, youth program leader, or working for a non-profit.


You seems to be ideal industrialist or businessperson, letting no humanitarian concerns interferes with the important business of making money. They may appear to have the ability to create tangible, practical gains, not to mention wealth and prosperity. You are however, inclined to go to extremes in all things, and make sudden decisions, or change their minds for which they may regrets, but they are too proud to acknowledge their error. You takes up jobs as plumbers, in agriculture, horticulture, mining, forest products, metallurgy, experts in minerals, geology, banking, civic works of supply and disposal, dentist, engineers, builders, executives, property and timber related cottage industries. You succeed late in life. Ideal careers: You're great at being a manager or administrator for a number of career paths or companies. Your production and administrative skills are some of the best, and you work well in corporate environments with set hierarchies that let you "achieve" the next rung on the ladder. You also make great engineers, architects, and design-adjacent employees, as you're one for details


You are thinkers, have good reasoning ability and make natural heads of business organizations or any form of government work. You are independent and high-minded in all their actions, and detest being under the restraint of others. You worship intellectual, clever people and are deep thinkers. They rarely interfere with the affairs of others, but they will never stand interference from others. It gives a profession as professors, philosophers, public relation officers, intellectuals, researchers, scientists, engineers, astrologers, computers hardware expert, automobile expert, atomic or space expert, aeroplane mechanics, electricians, dealer in metals, transport jobs. Ideal careers: Science or tech (if you can explore new theories or applications), graphic design or photography, and even project management —if you get to explore new ways of doing something. You're also an ideal entrepreneur or independent contractor, as you rebel against corporate culture and work best on your own schedule.


Are emotional, sensitive, impressionable and vulnerable. You are imaginative, poetic and even psychic. They are lover of beauty and nature. Also You may be too soft, too compassionate, and give in to unreasonable requests and unjustified demands. Pliant and diplomatic,You do not usually have to face showdowns. You enjoy healing professions like nursing, social work and physiotherapy. They are great biologists, artists, interior decors, graphic designers, fashion designers, musicians, psychologists, astrologers, academician, philosophers, media person, journalist, travel writer, directors, entertainer or cosmetology. It gives a career as doctors, anaesthetisist, nurses, water supply works, shipping, fisheries, marine products, navy, international trade, fortunes through wife, priest, courts, lawyers, place and work at places of confinement, work as prison guards. Ideal careers: Anything having to do with health-care—where you can heal others—is an ideal fit. Think nurse, doctor, physical therapist, psychologist, etc. You also thrive in the arts, like dance and music. (Many combine these traits, such as becoming a color therapist or working in arts programs that help troubled teens.)