Health By Moon Sign


Governs the head and brain and their ailments. They tend to overthink things to the point of headaches, tooth issues, jaw grinding, and even facial blemishes.


Throat troubles of various kinds, obesity, hypertension, rheumatic pains/ arthritis, diabetes can be the main afflictions.


Respiratory disorders, and some problem with bone-strength/ muscle power can afflict Gemini natives from middle-ages of life.


Nervous exhaustion, stomach disorders, possible weakness of kidneys. Curiously, though the diseases Cancer shares its names with this sign, researches indicates Cancerians are at the bottom of list of population afflicted by Cancer


Governs the heart and the blood. They’re naturally authoritative and confident, so if anything is causing them to feel otherwise, it can invite back problems, heart ailments, and lethargy.


Governs food intake and the related organs, especially the stomach and intestines. They tend to rush through things and have too much of a one-track mind. Without enough relaxation time to balance their busy schedules, ulcers, constipation, and food allergies could result.


Governs the food processing intestines that absorb nutrition, and the excrement. Venus has jurisdiction over Libra and controls kidney and bladder functions. Librans thrive on pleasure (both giving and receiving), but too much of one over the other can cause excretory problems.


If naturally intense Scorpios get too jealous or obsessive, or if negativity motivates their actions, Pluto can wreak havoc on their reproductive systems and hormones. Potential issues include painful and/or irregular menstruation, bladder infections, and diabetes.


Thighs, hips, liver, and eyesight can be a concern for Sagittarians, thanks to Jupiter’s dominance. Health problems range from impaired vision, spinal disorders to detoxification issues.


Governs the bones of the body, specifically the knees. Capricorns are ambitious and determined, but those characteristics can also lead to stubbornness, which then brings about fragile bones and weakened joints.


Governs the arms and legs and one's ability to move about in general. Uranus is in charge of circulation and nerve impulses among members of this sign. If Aquarians don’t take time to breathe and relax, astrologists believe their fast pace could lead to arthritis, heart problems, swollen limbs, varicose veins, asthma, and increased allergic reactions.


Governs the nervous system and therefore also the reflexes. Pisces’s run the risk of disappointment because they’re so idealistic. If that disappointment becomes overwhelming, it could cause foot problems