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Eccentric but so original, radical but oh so innovative, people born with Aquarius Ascendant or Kumbha Lagna are simply unique, and they would keep reminding you that, with their peculiar style sense, opinions and interests. They are intellectual and methodical; always have good advice up their sleeves. There is a strong inquisitiveness that guides their actions. So the child you met in the grocery store asking his mother, why we have 12 months in a year is most likely to be under the influence of his Aquarius Ascendant sign characteristics..

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Aquarius Traits

Aquarius Positive Traits

Along with a serious nature, Aquarius rising are all about ambition, competency, hard work, and status. You are conscious of how you are perceived by others. Your clothing style and manner is quite professional. You want to look and feel successful and you often do, even if later in life. Your hard work pays off. .

Strong Leadership

Most of the time, people born with Kumbha Lagna are unusual yet likable. They are quite friendly, humble, and freedom-loving people. They are more practical than emotional. These humanitarian souls consider everyone equal and always stand for ideas that support equality and justice. However, they sometimes overinvest their thoughts into imagination and metaphysical realms that keeps them away from reality, which is likely to affect them tangibly. This strange capability to be kind and compassionate while still keeping themselves detached is their unique quality. .

Ascendant is one of the most important signs in the birth chart. It determines all the 12 houses in the chart that define our personality, family, love life, education, career, wealth and other aspects of life. Ascendant affects how others perceive you. Simply put, it influences the first impression people gather of you.

Aquarius in Ascendant means that the Aquarius sign was rising in the eastern horizon at the time you were born. The Aquarius rising sign gives you an insight into your outward personality and also traces your path in life. When people come upon an Aquarius ascendant, it is easy to spot the qualities of intelligence, originality, independence and quirkiness.

Here’s more about the Aquarius rising sign or the Kumbha Lagna as it is called in Vedic astrology.

Aquarius Ascendant Personality Traits: The primary ruler for Aquarius is the planet Saturn. You possess originality of character, an intelligent mind and independent thinking. People are attracted to your unconventional beauty and charm.

You view the world through an intellectual lens of ideas, values and ideals. As an Aquarius ascendant, you are likely to have a broad view of society that allows you to mingle with a great variety of people. You understand the value of higher studies and believe in quality, fairness and harmony. 

You are a true humanitarian rising sign, socially responsible and considerate towards others. You act in ways that benefit the collective. You respond to problems with a balanced opinion and solutions. 

You are attracted to intellectual hobbies such as reading, writing, debates and long discussions. You are also fond of travelling. You are great listeners and are equally known for your great story-telling abilities.

Aquarius Ascendant Physical Traits

Physically, the most common feature of Aquarius rising is a high and well-defined forehead. You have a finely chiselled face, naturally straight hair and often dreamy eyes. Your legs are strong and well-shaped. Aquarius natives usually have broad hips and shoulders. 

Aquarius Ascendant Mental Traits

The minds of the Aquarius rising signs move at a fast pace. You constantly feel the need to express yourself and you do it forcefully at times. Your mind is perpetually alert and restless. 

Aquarius Ascendant Love

In love and romance, Aquarius ascendants have a fun approach and look for variety. You are attracted to people with oodles of class and a fine sense of style. You desire a relationship based on mutual love, romance, loyalty and generosity. You wish for a partner who is powerful and high on confidence.

Aquarius Ascendant Health

Aquarius rules the legs and ankles and therefore falls may have risky consequences. As your mind is always on high-alert, your overly active nervous system may push you towards neurologic disorders, epilepsy, brain tumour or plain anguish.

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Auspicious Planets for Aquarius Ascendant

For people with Aquarius in Ascendant, is the most benefic planet of all. Saturn is another good planet for this sign.Sun and Mercury are neutral planets for the Aquarius ascendant.

Malefic Planet for Aquarius Ascendant: The malefic planets for Kumbha Lagna include Rahu, Ketu, Mars and Jupiter.

Favourable Colour for Aquarius Ascendant: The lucky colours for Aquarius Ascendant include black, navy blue, and royal blue.

Lucky Gems for Aquarius Ascendant: Blue sapphire and diamond are considered lucky for an Aquarius rising sign.

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