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People born in Cancer Ascendant or Rising sign are some of the most gentle, compassionate, loving, caring, and nurturing people on earth. They make the best parents, thanks to their protective instincts. There is an air of familiarity about them. They don’t seek attention, rather they come in a quiet unassuming way and blend in the environment. Since they are so emotional and sensitive to what is happening around them, they tend to get affected more than average. Cancer is a water sign under the strong influence of the Moon, so Cancer natives tend to be crabby by nature..

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Cancer Traits

Cancer Positive Traits

Like a crab, they tend to protect themselves from the unknown. A crab has a hard shell to cover its vulnerable body. When there is danger or confrontation involved in an undertaking, people born in Cancer Ascendant tend to retreat to their shells. They are also quite introverted & tend to withdraw in an uncomfortable environment. They are very sweet, polite, and approachable. They are exceptionally loyal and caring towards their loved ones..

Strong Leadership

They also seek stability in their life. Having a place to call home and a shoulder to cry gives them a sense of emotional security and fulfillment. They need stability and structure in their relationships too. They tend to reflect their best self, when with a partner who provides financial and emotional security. They need a dependable partner and if they do get such a person, they do not mind taking a backseat in their domestic life..

Also called Karka Lagna in Vedic astrology, your Cancer ascendant is responsible for the first impression you make on people. Just like your sun sign, your ascendant sign is determined at birth and does not change.

The ascendant reveals the way you present yourself to others and how you respond to the world. If you have a Cancer rising sign, the Moon is the ruling planet in your astrology chart. The Moon sign placement plays an important role in shaping your attitude, mannerisms and identity.

Continue reading to learn more about Cancer ascendant characteristics.

Cancer Ascendant Personality Traits

As a Cancerian, your ruling planet is Moon and also the ruling planet of the 1st house in your birth chart . As you know, the Moon represents intuition and sensitivity, and as a Cancer rising sign, you too are likely to be very sensitive and intuitive. Much like the Cancer symbol ‘crab’, you tend to hide your sensitive side beneath a tough exterior. While you are friendly, you instinctively protect yourself and those you love from unseen dangers.

As a communicator, you make a deep impact on others and can even make a place for yourself in their hearts.

Cancer Ascendant Physical Traits

A Cancer rising sign has a full round face, round eyes, stout physique and sparse hair. These people tend to put on weight, especially in the hip area. They mostly have short legs and a stocky build.

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Cancer Ascendant Mental Traits

Emotions and feelings are important to a Cancer ascendant. These natives are very defensive; they will retreat at the first sign of rejection. They often require emotional support, and when the need arises they will reciprocate similarly to those in need.

Their possessive and clingy nature makes them hold on very tightly to their loved ones. They also hold on to their past. Typically, a Cancer rising sign person is shy and quiet.

Love and Compatibility

Cancer ascendants look for reliable and stable partners. They also seek a committed relationship with well-defined boundaries and expectations. Cancer natives appreciate someone who is both romantic and serious in love. Their emotional attachment and strong family values ensure that their love life is happy and successful.

Cancer Ascendant Health

The excessive emotion in a Cancer ascendant contributes to unwanted depression and tension in life. As a result, these natives suffer from stomach and digestion-related issues. A weak or afflicted Moon may also cause ailments related to the lungs and respiratory system. Cold and cough could be a regular feature. Don’t give in to your emotions excessively and try to remain in a positive and happy environment.

Auspicious planets Cancer Ascendant

Moon and Mars are the most beneficial and auspicious planets for a Cancer rising sign. Moon rules the ascendant while Mars owns the 5th and10th houses– one is trikona and the other a kendra. The neutral planets are Sun, Venus, Rahu and Ketu.

Malefic Planet for Cancer Ascendant

The malefic planets include Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury has its Mool trikona in the 12th house, Jupiter in 6th house, and Saturn in 8th house.

Favourable Colour for Cancer Ascendant: White and yellow

Lucky Gems for Cancer Ascendant: Pearl

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People born in Cancer Rising sign seek a peaceful environment. They are very cautious when it comes to matter concerning their marriage. Their sense of intuition is also exceptional. Their sixth sense is so strong that they immediately decipher if anything goes wrong in their environment. They often easily find out what is going on in others’ minds.

Attention Seeking

Cancer Cancer has the characteristics of dreaminess, intuition, emotion and need for a safe retreat. They are inherently blessed with excellent conversation and literal skills. They are quick-witted, ingenious, vivacious and inconsistence. They also have a certain degree of spirituality some of them are blessed with psychic tendencies. They have excellent memory retention skills. They are kind, sensitive and compassionate. .

Outbursts of Anger

Cancer Ascendant people have round-shaped features and tend to become stout when they reach their thirties. The hair is dark and thin or sparse. The nose is small, the eyes stick out, and the chin is round. The height is small to average. People fall under this sign are not very fortunate in terms of looks they possess petite structure with long arms and may not be very tall but they generally have broad upper part of the body.

Lack Of Patience

They are very domestic and love fortifying their home environment to their own satisfaction. In personal relationship, cancer is a mixture of toughness and tenderness, Emotional, romantic and sentimental on one side, while stubbornly possessive and loyal on the other side..

Impulsive Behaviour

They possess a retentive memory and rarely forgive slights and hurts. A Cancerian are not familiar with the phrase “let the bygone be bygone”: they never ever forget one's error. As being driven by emotional nature, they can be the best and the worst of friends. They are bright and extremely careful and equally productive in what they do..

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