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What is Yoni Dosha? Each human being on this earth is related to some or the other Yoni. Yoni have a special significance in Vedic astrology. They are classified on the basis of 28 Nakshatras. Maharishi Atri believed that Yoni of Nakshatra of a bride and groom should be same for a successful married life. A couple with same Yoni possess same qualities which reduces the chances of conflicts and disharmony in a relationship.

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🥁 Classification of Yoni on the basis of Nakshatra

Here is an entire table of Yoni types, animal signs of the yoni, Male yoni, and Female Yoni according to the Birth Nakshatra.

Nakshatra Yoni Name Yoni Type Yoni Gender
Ashwini Ashwa Yoni Horse Yoni Male
Bharani Gaja Yoni Elephant Yoni Male
Krittika Mesha Yoni Sheep Yoni Female
Rohini Sarpa Yoni The serpent or Snake Yoni Male
Mrigashirsha Sarpa Yoni The serpent or Snake Yoni Female
Adra Shwaan Yoni Dog Yoni Female
Punarvasu Marjar Yoni Cat Yoni Female
Pushya Mesha Yoni or Aja Yoni Sheet Yoni or Goat Yoni Male
Ashlesha Marjar Yoni or Bilav Yoni Cat Yoni Male
Magha Mushak Yoni Rat Yoni Male
Purva Phalguni Mushak Yoni Rat Yoni Female
Uttara Phalguni Gow Yoni or Vrishabha Yoni Cow Yoni Male
Hasta Mahish Yoni Buffalo Yoni Female
Chitra Vyaghra Yoni Tiger Yoni Female
Swati Mahish Yoni Buffalo Yoni Male
Vishakha Vyaghra Yoni Tiger Yoni Male
Anuradha Mriga Yoni Deer Yoni Female
Jyeshta Mriga Yoni Deer Yoni Male
Moola Shwaan Yoni Dog Yoni Male
Purva Ashdha Vanar Yoni Monkey Yoni Male
Uttara Ashadha Nakul Yoni Mongoose Yoni Female
Shravana Vanar Yoni Monkey Yoni Female
Dhanishta Simha Yoni Lion Yoni Female
Shatabhisha Ashwa Yoni Horse Yoni Male
Purva Bhadrapada Simha Yoni Lion Yoni Female
Uttara Bhadrapada Gow Yoni Cow Yoni Female
Revati Gaja Yoni Elephant Yoni Female
Abhijit Nakul Yoni Mongoose Yoni Male

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Hence, these are the different types of Yoni that are considered at the time of Kundali matching which helps in learning about the intimate compatibility and the se*ual bliss of a couple and marriage.

🥁Five types of relationships between Yoni and nakshatras are provided below :

🥁Swabhava Yoni

Swabhava Yoni indicates that the boy and the girl both belong to same Yoni. Such marriage is considered to be auspicious.

🥁Friend Yoni

Friendly Yoni indicates harmonious relationships between the couple.

🥁Neutral Yoni

If both bride and groom both belong to neutral yoni then the married life is likely to be average.

🥁Opposite Yoni

If bride and groom are placed in the opposite Yoni, then the marriage is not considered auspicious.

🥁Enemy Yoni

If the bride and groom have enemy Yoni, then they should not marry each other because this relationship may create problems in the married life.

🥁Points for Yoni Milan

Yoni milan, Yoni Dosha or Yoni Koot have been allocated 4 points.

  • When both groom and bride have same Yoni then result will be 4
  • When groom and bride have friendly Yoni then result will be 3.
  • When groom and bride have neutral Yoni then result will be 2.
  • When groom and bride have opposite Yoni then result will be 1.
  • When groom and bride have enemy Yoni then result will be 0.

Yoni milan is traditionally used to match the horoscope of bride and groom for the purpose of marriage. But, it can also be used in matters of partnership in business or relationship between employee and employers. People with neutral Yoni are similar in nature. It is seen that they have similar values and interests also.

🥁Effects of Yoni Dosha

  • This defect is associated with bad results related to physical compatibility between partners. In extreme cases, such incompatibility may lead to arguments, separations or divorces.

🥁What is Yoni Matching?

Generally speaking, Yoni is the generative or main organ. Again, as per the Sanskrit language, Yoni relates to a womb. But Yoni in Kundali or Astrology gives the idea of the se*ual nature of an individual. It also gives a brief idea of the type of individual one would enjoy being in a relationship and satisfactory se*ual relations.

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The type of Yoni one is having depends on the Nakshatra type during birth, also termed Janma Nakshatra.

🥁Why Yoni Matching is Important?

🪸 Yoni Porutham is an important phase in Kundali matching during marriage as it helps in learning about the se*ual compatibility of the couple after marriage. It should also be marked that the matching should be carried out considering the kundali of both the boy and girl. Yoni Matching should not only be carried out for the girl as it helps in learning the physical compatibility of the married couple. It should also be marked that there are no particular parameters that help in learning which zodiac sign is physically compatible with the other zodiac sign as this can only be determined by the nakshatra at the time of birth.

🥁Cancellation of Yoni Dosha in astrology?

🪸🪸 If two people have yoni dosha in their horoscope then it can be corrected if the lord of their songs are friends and behave like friends of each other.

🪸🪸If lord of the sign of the bride and groom belongs to the same planet then also this defect can be corrected..

🪸🪸 If the lords of their Navmansh are friendly with each other then Yoni defect gets cancelled..

🪸🪸 If Bhakoot is pure in the birth-chart of the bride and groom then also this defect gets cancelled.

What are some remedies for Yoni Dosha

🍀 Organize hawan before the marriage, It is necessary to correct this defect as it will ultimately lead to numerous glitches in the married life of the couple. Defeating the dosha can give you freedom from experiencing many unwelcome and negative situations in your life that you would think would not happen in the early days of marriage. But as your married life grows and time elapses, the problem will come to the fore.

🍀 The effect of this defect does not end completely. However, this can be reduced to a great extent if a person does this religiously and under the guidance of experienced astrologers. This will reduce the ill effects of the dosha and it will eventually become weak. Also, they will not affect married life harmfully and can be easily dealt with if one has knowledge about the remedies.Donations to poor people

🍀 It is auspicious for both the bride and groom to chant Mahamrityunjaya. Along with this, the donation of cows also appeases Yoni Dosha. Apart from this, keeping fast on Thursday proves beneficial. Mixing turmeric in water daily and pouring it on a banana tree is also beneficial.


Hence these are the basic criteria through which the Yoni Dosha is founded between the partners and possible remedies for the same. If the relationship falls in between enemies or sworn enemies then astrologers never recommend for the marriage of the individuals because the future life will get spoiled. Keep connected with Jyotishgher Astrology to know more about the facts of astrology.

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