Bhakoot Dosha Reasons & Solutions

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What is Bhakoot Dosha? Bhakoot Dosh creates a financial crisis after marriage. In partnership business also, gradually the financial crisis starts increasing. At the same time, even after working hard, there is no promising profit in investment.

Bhakoot Dosha

According to Vedic astrology, when the moon signs in the birth chart of couples form unfavorable yogas like 6-8, 9-5, or 12-2 then Bhakoot Dosha yoga is formed, which can be harmful to a blissful marriage. These combinations are made like this:

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  • 🪸 If the boy is from Aries and the girl is from Virgo, then the boy’s Moon will be in the eighth house from the girl’s Moon and the girl’s Moon will be in the sixth house from the boy’s Moon. In this subject, 6-8 combinations are formed.
  • There is Bhakoot in the horoscope of 6-8 combination: This combination is very harmful to the health of the couple and there is also a possibility of operation in it.
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  • 🪸 Bhakoot 9-5 Combination: This can lead to progeny-related problems and many significant problems in relationships. (Where one person’s Moon is Virgo and the other person’s Taurus)
  • 🪸 12-2 combination also gives rise to Bhakut dosha in the horoscope: This is likely to affect financial life badly and bring health problems in marriage. (Where one person’s Moon is in Gemini and the other person in Taurus)
  • Apart from Bhakoot Dosha, other malefic factors are also present in the birth chart of the couple, it can also lead to the death of one of the partners. There are chances of many disagreements and quarrels in a marriage which can also lead to divorce.

भकूट दोष का निदान | Remedies of Bhakoor Dosh

🍂 वर-वधू दोनों की जन्म कुंडलियों में चन्द्रमा मेष-वृश्चिक तथा वृष-तुला राशियों में होने पर षडाष्टक की स्थिति में भी भकूट दोष नहीं माना जाता है क्योकि क्योंकि मेष-वृश्चिक राशियों का स्वामी मंगल हैं तथा वृष-तुला राशियों का स्वामी शुक्र हैं। अतः एक ही राशि होने के कारण दोष समाप्त माना जाता है।

🍂 इसी प्रकार वर वधु की कुंडली में चन्द्रमा मकर-कुंभ राशियों में होकर भकूट दोष का निर्माण कर रहा है तो एक दूसरे से 12-2 स्थानों पर होने के पश्चात भी भकूट दोष नहीं माना जाता है क्योंकि इन दोनों राशियों के स्वामी शनि हैं।

🍂 यदि वर-वधू दोनों की जन्म कुंडलियों में चन्द्र राशियों के स्वामी आपस में मित्र हैं तो भी भकूट दोष का प्रभाव कम हो जाता है जैसे कि मीन-मेष तथा मेष-धनु में भकूट दोष होता है परन्तु उसका प्रभाव कम होता है क्योंकि इन दोनों ही राशियों के स्वामी गुरू तथा मंगल हैं जो कि आपस में मित्र हैं।

🍂 यदि दोनो कुंडलियों में नाड़ी दोष नहीं है तो भी भकूट दोष होने के बाद भी इसका प्रभाव कम हो जाता है।

🍂 यदि कुंडली मिलान में ग्रहमैत्री, गणदोष तथा नाड़ी दोष नहीं है और भकूट दोष है तो भकूट दोष का प्रभाव कम हो जाता है।

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भकूट दोष का दाम्पत्य जीवन पर प्रभाव | Effects of Bhakoot Dosh on Married Lifeh

🍂जन्मकुंडली मिलान में तीन प्रकार से भकूट दोष बनता है जिसकी चर्चा ऊपर की गई है। मुहूर्तचिन्तामणि में इसके दाम्पत्य जीवन में आने वाले प्रभाव के सम्बन्ध में कहा गया है।ाप्त माना जाता है।

🍂 मृत्युषडष्टके ज्ञेयोऽपत्यहानिर्नवात्मजे। द्विद्र्वादशे निर्धनत्वं द्वयोरन्यत्र सौख्यकृत्।।ि हैं।

🍂 अर्थात षड़-अष्टक ६/८ भकूट दोष होने से वर-वधू में से एक की मृत्यु हो जाती है या आपस में लड़ाई झगड़ा होते रहता है। नवम-पंचम ( ९/५) भकूट दोष होने से संतान की हानि होती है या संतान के जन्म में मुश्किल आती है या फिर संतान होती ही नहीं। द्वादश-दो ( 1२/२) भकूट दोष होने से वर-वधू को निर्धनता का सामना करना पड़ता या दोनों बहुत ही खर्चीले होते है। में मित्र हैं।

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Effect Of Bhakoot Dosh On Life

Some defects of the horoscope hurt life. One of these is Bhakoot Dosha. Bhakoot Dosha of the horoscope creates many difficulties in married life. This defect creates a financial crisis after marriage. In partnership business also trouble starts gradually and the financial crisis starts increasing.

The best of the efforts comes to naught and there are no promising returns for the investments and there is a loss in the commercial ventures. The offspring are also troubled by this dosha. Apart from this sometimes due to this defect, a situation of divorce arises in married life.

Negative Effects Of Bhakoot Dosha

🪸 Bhakoot Dosh in married life attracts many serious issues. These problems will not arise suddenly but gradually they will keep hollowing out the marital relationship. People need to pay attention to the following effects:

  • 🪸 They will have to face financial problems in their marriage. This problem can occur in several ways. For example, due to one of the partners being completely dependent on the other, the business may fail after the heavy investment or hard work.
  • 🪸 There can be trouble in getting a child. It also highlights issues like unsatisfied physical relationships in marriage.
  • 🪸 They will face constant disagreements and quarrels in their relationship which may lead to legal separation or divorce.
  • 🪸 If Bhakoot Dosha comes with any other inauspicious Dosha in your Kundli then it can also lead to the death of a partner.

The Effect Of Bhakoot Defect Can Be Reduced

🪸🪸 If the moon signs in the horoscope of both the couple is the same or friendly to each other, then the vagaries of Bhakoot Dosha get nullified. Along with this, if the condition of the planets in comparing the horoscope of husband and wife is the same and there is an absence of  Gana or Nadi Dosha, then the effect of Bhakoot Dosha is less.

🪸🪸 When the lord of the moon sign is the same in both horoscopes, then the effect of the defect is reduced. For example: If the sum of dosha is 12-2 then it can be reduced by a combination of Capricorn-Aquarius. Also, if Bhakoot is 6-8 then it can be canceled with the Aries-Scorpio pair.

🪸🪸 You can also get worship done under the guidance of experienced priests. Those who have this dosha in their life should deal with the problems in their marriage calmly and should not take decisions on impulse.

Remedies For Bhakoot Dosh

🍀 It is necessary to correct this defect as it will ultimately lead to numerous glitches in the married life of the couple. Defeating the dosha can give you freedom from experiencing many unwelcome and negative situations in your life that you would think would not happen in the early days of marriage. But as your married life grows and time elapses, the problem will come to the fore.

🍀 The effect of this defect does not end completely. However, this can be reduced to a great extent if a person does this religiously and under the guidance of experienced astrologers. This will reduce the ill effects of the dosha and it will eventually become weak. Also, they will not affect married life harmfully and can be easily dealt with if one has knowledge about the remedies.

🍀 It is auspicious for both the bride and groom to chant Mahamrityunjaya. Along with this, the donation of cows also appeases Bhakoot Dosha. Apart from this, keeping fast on Thursday proves beneficial. Mixing turmeric in water daily and pouring it on a banana tree is also beneficial.


The effect of Bhakoot Dosha cannot be comprehensive, as it varies from horoscope to horoscope, and depends on the position of any other planet in one’s birth chart. When this defect gets mixed with nadi and gana dosha etc in their horoscope then there are likelihoods of more problems. Due to Bhakoot dosha, one does not face an immediate problem as this dosha progressively affects the marital bond and ultimately causes more harm.

There are remedies to get rid of Bhakoot Dosh and hence it is nothing to worry about in most cases. The couple should refer to an astrologer and know whether this situation is detrimental or not.

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