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Ho to read nadi dosha

What is Nadi? Nadi Dosha is a huge topic of anxiety for people who wants to qualifies their compatibility with kundli matching before marriage. And providing a piece of good final advice on either case of Nadi dosh is a challenging task for a consulting astrologer as well. An astrologer has to provide them with proper guidance in decision making. Nadi matching is essential from the physiological point of the marriage and relationship.

5 ways to the cancellation of Nadi Dosha

1. If the Bride and the Groom have the same Rashi but different Nakshatra, the effects of Nadi Dosha are said to be nullified.

Whenever a boy and a girl have the same moon sign or a Rashi it is so important for the Nakshatra to be different so as to have supporting similarities in nature and accommodating differences deep inside their relationship given by Nakshatras.

Also, “Nakshatra of the Boy must be one which comes first and that of a Girl must be the latter one”. For example, if Gemini is the birth Rashi and, the Boy has Ardra Nakshatra and Girl is having Punarvasu Nakshatra. The Nadi dosha stands nullified.

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2. If the Bride and the Groom have the same Nakshatra but different Rashi, this also can lead to the nullification of Nadi dosha.

This Nadi dosha exception is the inverse of the first one. It applies to the cases of those Nakshatras which are at the junction of two zodiac signs. For example, if the Boy and the Girl both have Krittika Nakshatra, but one has Aries Rashi as moon sign and the other has Taurus Rashi as moon sign.

Again, The Moon sign of the Boy must be following that of the Girl. From the example above, the Boy must have Aries Rashi and the girl must have Taurus Rashi.

3. This one is of moderate effectiveness as per our view. When a Bride and a Groom have the same Nakshatra but different Charan or different quarter in that Nakshatra, the Nadi dosha is said to be cancelled.

4. Exempted Nakshatra from Nadi dosha

Whenever the bride and the groom both have any of the following Nakshatra, Nadi dosha is said to be cancelled or nullified to some extent.

Exempted Nakshatra form Nadi dosha: Rohini, Ardra, Magha, Hasta, Vishakha, Shravana, Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati, Ashwini, Krittika, Mrigashirsha, Punarvasu, Pushya, Purva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Purva Ashadha and Uttara Ashadha.

Again, these Nakshatras must not have the same Charan or the same Quarter of the Nakshatra. Still from the married life point of view, this exception, along with the rest two in the row, we don't feel to be as strong as needed. Overall for all the type of exceptions available for Nadi dosha. We believe that the presence of Nadi dosha should be respected.

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5. Exempted pairs of Nakshatras from Nadi dosha

The following pairs of Nakshatra are exempted from Nadi dosha.

  1. Rohini and Magha
  2. 🌹
  3. Rohini and Purva Bhadrapada
  4. 🌹
  5. Ashwini and Punarvasu
  6. 🌹
  7. Swati and Uttara Ashadha

6. Both the Bride and Groom having different Rashi but the same Rashi lord can lead to some type of nullification in Nadi dosha.

This is the Nadi dosha exception which didn't make our list of top five but is based on similar logic (logic extended) as in the first 3 exceptions.

We want to keep our point strongly here that, even if the exception to Nadi dosha is present in your case. There must be strong support from the Guna or the score of other areas of kundli matching. We are saying that there must not be any other big thing like Bhakoot dosha or Gana dosha or a very strong Yoni dosha present along with this Nadi dosha.

Impact of Nadi dosha on Married life

The subject of Married life is so sensitive to all of us. Therefore, first, we would like to discuss the impact this Nadi dosha has made on us (especially in India).

🌹Nadi matching alone comprises 8 points out of 36 total points which are called Guna. It is greater than the combined total points from Varna matching, Vashya matching and Yoni matching. This level of emphasis given to Nadi matching lead some astrologers to call Nadi dosha as Nadi Mahadosha. This made many parents and couples who following, believe and trust in kundli matching curious and also anxious. There was uncertainty on where to proceed for marriage with this dosha present and how detrimental its effects can be. But talking about the detrimental effects, they can be worst only and only when other things about matchmaking and kundli matching score are worst. Some astrologers even believe that couples with very bad past karmas are the only ones who for a very badly matched kundli match.

As we have discussed above that Nadi matching operates at the physiological levels of the relationship and the couple coming together in marriage. The Prakriti or the natural compositions of the two individuals are checked. It will be better to answer some questions to express the impact and the importance of Nadi dosha on married life.

🌹What happens if Nadi dosha occurs?

In about 50% of the cases, the Nadi will be overpowered by any other factors in the Kundli match.

🌹Can Nadi dosha be Ignored?

YES, Nadi dosha can be completely ignored in other areas of kundli matching are very strong and give good results. It can also be ignored if other areas of kundli matching have respectable strength and one of the above mentioned Nadi dosha exceptions is present.

🌹 What will be the consequences if Nadi dosh occurs?

If the Nadi dosha if is very powerful. And to add to the worst other areas like Bhakoot dosha, Gana dosha, Yoni dosha or Mangal dosha give bad results as well. Things will ultimately not be helpful for a couple, and might not only degrade the progeny aspect of married life but also the other areas of marriage. But we again want to re-hit that those cases of extreme bad consequence are very very rare. In most cases, individual just skip that proposed partner due to some reasons and searches for a better one.

🌹What is Nadi dosha and how do you check your Nadi dosha?

This whole article will explain Nadi dosha. And to check for Nadi dosha simply use a tool that gives Ashtakoot matching score. When the score in the Nadi section is zero there exist the Nadi dosha.

Since many of you have questions about Nadi dosha in your case and the cancellation of Nadi dosha. We have created a simple app to help you with your queries

  • Vedic Android App
  • .

    अगर ये पोस्ट आपको अच्छा लगा तो अपने दोस्तों के साथ आगे सोशल मीडिया पर शेयर करे।

    Aadi Nadi Dosha

    🌹Aadi Nadi is the first Nadi of all three and is also known as Kapha Nadi. The Vedic Nakshatras with Aadi Nadi are Krittika, Rohini, Ashlesha, Magha, Swati, Vishakha, Uttara Ashadha, Shravana and Revati Nakshatra..
    🌹For example, if the marriage of a person of Vaat Nature is married to the daughter of Vaat Nature, then there will be a lack of sense of dedication due to fickle-mindedness. There will be the possibility of the excess of Vaat in children after marriage. For this reason, the marriage of boy & girl of Aadi Nadi is prohibited..

    Madhya Nadi Dosha

    🌹Madhya Nadi is the middle Nadi in the Nadi cycle and is also known as Pitta Nadi. The Vedic Nakshatras having Madhya Nadi are Bharani, Mrigashirsha, Pushya, Purva Phalguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Purva Ashadha, Dhanishta and Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra.
    🌹Madhya Nadi is considered of Pitt (acidic) nature. Therefore, if the marriage of the boy & girl of Madhya Nadi is done then the relationship between them will not be good. There will be a quarrel between them. Divorce is quite normal after fighting. They will not have the progeny and girl will have frequent miscarriage & abortion.

    Antya Nadi Dosha

    🌹Antya Nadi is the last or the ending Nadi in the Nadi cycle and is also known as Vata Nadi. The Vedic Nakshatras having Antya Nadi are Ashwini, Ardra, Punarvasu, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Jyeshta, Mula, Shatabhisha and Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra.
    🌹The Antya Nadi is of cough nature, so if the boy of the Antya Nadi is married to the girl of the same Nadi, then there is lack of passion & sensuousness in them. By the way, their nature will be calm but they will not have mutual cooperation & harmony and misconceptions are natural. For the marriage, the same Nadi of bride and groom is prohibited due to being harmful in their mental and emotional synergy. Once again, I want to say that if there is a similar Nadi, they will have less collaboration but collision will be more. On the contrary, different Nadi variants of boy and girl are symbols of auspiciousness in their marriage relations.

    Nadi Dosha Remedies?

    🌹If you come to know that you are suffered from the Nadi Dosha then you should donate either a cow or Gold to a Brahmin.
    🌹Donate the grain equal to your body weight on your birthday.
    🌹Serve the food to Brahmin on your birthday and donate clothes to him.
    🌹Donate the food to needy persons. Tags:Nadi Dosha Explained: What is Nadi Dosha and How Does it Affect Your Life? Impact of Nadi Dosha on Relationships: Understand Its Influence on Marriage Compatibility and Love Life Nadi Dosha Remedies: Proven Techniques to Overcome Nadi Dosha Challenges and Manifest a Harmonious Life Nadi Dosha and Karmic Debt: Exploring the Link Between Nadi Dosha and Past Life Karma Ayurvedic Remedies for Nadi Dosha: Natural Solutions to Ease the Effects of Nadi Dosha Nadi Dosha and Astrology: Unraveling the Role of Nadi Dosha in Vedic Astrology Nadi Dosha and Spiritual Practice: Exploring the Spiritual Significance of Nadi Dosha How to Identify Nadi Dosha: Practical Methods to Determine Your Nadi Dosha and Understand Its Impact on Your Life Nadi Dosha and Family Dynamics: Addressing Nadi Dosha Challenges in Familial Relationships Nadi Dosha and Career Prospects: Understanding the Potential Impact of Nadi Dosha on Professional Success Nadi Dosha and Health Issues: Identifying Potential Health Challenges Associated with Nadi Dosha and Seeking Appropriate Remedies

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