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Puja & Mantras in Vedic astrology are a combination of syllabus or hymns, which, if pronounced correctly, helps the native to concentrate one’s mind on the universal energy.

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Powerful Mantra To Remove Negative Energy

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Powerful Mantra To Remove Negative Energy can be use to remove negative thoughts and to remove negative energy from home. Our negative energy removal mantra will remove whole negative energy from your life. Negative energy, which means the presence of someone other than you and your family in your home. Negative energy knows by various names such as Ghost, Witch, Satan, Update Chakkar. These negative energies can happen to anyone; sometimes, it does not live at your home, but they start in your body.

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Negative energy is one of the dangerous things existing on this earth. Once you can fight with a terrorist because you can kill them with a single shot of a bullet, you can’t kill negative energies as they are already dead. You can fight with a living being, but you can’t compete with a dead one. .

In This Regard,Spell this mantra for 108 times in a day and wear gold on your body:

:🪶SurvarnamMuktam Loke Bhakti Mukti PradamTatham |

:🪶Apritam Tav Devesh DaniyarGyanaPanuttye ||

How to get rid of negative energies?

Try not to do or visit the places mentioned above because your family or parents are not always taught you false things. This energy is the reality of life if life exists on this earth then died too. Chant this hanuman mantra to get rid of from all the negative energies in your life if you ever feel them or read Hanuman Chalisa..

: – ||🪶– AumGeemBhreemHanumate,
🪶–Shree Ram Dootaayanamaha II

Personal Finance Mantras To Clear Debt And Get Money


: – ||🪶“Om Hreem Kleem Namah Dhvah Dhavi”.

Lakshmi Mantra for Money


: – ||🪶“Om Shreem Hreem Shriyainamah”.

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  • Want more profit in stock market ? Appease Rahu

    Investing money in stock market is a game of profit and loss, here are very low chances of promised good results. Have you ever wonder the reason behind your profit and loss in stock market The ruler of stock market is Rahu. If Rahu is happy with you, he will not let you lose in stock market. Rahu is capable of giving unimaginable success and profits..

    If you want success in share market, you have to appease Rahu. For that, you may wear Rahu Yantra Tabeez.

    To appease Rahu and make him benefic, Rahu yantra will also be beneficial for you. This yantra will not only give you success in stock market but also in all the challenges of life

    • 💞Apart from these, you should chant Rahu Mantra. This remedy will surely give effective results.
    • 💞💞💞ऊं छां छीं छौं स: राहवे नम: ।।

    Kundalini Yoga Mantra For Money

    Many people also use Kundalini Yoga mantras to bring prosperity into your life. Arguably the best Kundalini mantra for wealth is:.

      : – ||🪶“Har Har Har Gobinday”.

    To Clear Debt



    For Fame

    Recite this 108 times in the morning every day for 21 days, using a mala necklace.

      : – ||🪶“Om mahadeva devaya rudra moorthaye hara hara shivaya namah ”.

    Hanuman Mantra For A Job


      : – ||🪶“Om shree vajragehaya ramabhakthaya vayuputhraya namosthuthe ”.

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