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Both Chinese astrology and Vedic astrology are used to generate horoscopes and predictions but they differ in their approach altogether. In the Vedic horoscope, the entire calculations are defined w.r.t the position of celestial bodies at the time of your birth and include 12 different zodiac signs. On the contrary, in Chinese astrology, 12 different animals represent each zodiac sign and each year is marked under a specific animal and everyone born in that particular year will be assigned to a specific animal.
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As per records, the Chinese horoscope came into inception in the Han Dynasty era. Known as Sheng Xiao, the Chinese zodiac revolves around 12 different animals each portraying a unique characteristic of its own. Its a 12-part repeating cycle that spans for years and not months.

Every Chinese year is associated with a particular zodiac animal. Also, as per the Chinese horoscope, these 12 Chinese zodiac signs and the 5 elements form a sexagesimal cycle (a period of 60 years) commonly termed as the Chinese century.Fill out your name and date of birth in the form, and get to know your Chinese zodiac sign and free Chinese horoscope instantly.