Sagittarius / धनु राशि


Jupiter :Violet, Purple, Red, Pink

Lucky Number

3, 12, 21, 30


The year 2021 is expected to reign in better results for Sagittarius natives, whether it is related to academics, higher education, career or finances. In regards to profession, not only will you get the support of your seniors, but they will also put in efforts to take you forward in life. 2021 is likely to incur desired results for Sagittarius natives in case of finances, as there won’t be any shortage of funds for them this whole year. In terms of academics, 2021 proves to be lucky for Sagittarians according to Horoscope 2021 predictions. The months of January and April, May 16 and September can prove to be very suitable for those who want to step ahead and get enrolled in the field of higher education. Apart from this, if you talk about health, then this year can be way better, although small problems may arise frequently. However, it won’t be much serious.


here might be a good cash flow during this year. You are expected to enjoy a good life and spend more on entertainment and luxuries of life. Also, you may buy a new house, land or a vehicle around this time.People of Sagittarius star sign may get new sources of income. If you are engaged in foreign services or having foreign source of income, chances are high of getting unexpected huge benefits. During this year, you are expected to get some golden opportunities which might change your life in some significant ways.If you are in job, you may get a good raise in your salary along with a high post. Some small work related journeys are on cards.Chances of buying a new house, vehicle or property are high. New sources of income will come in your hand through abroad, salary hike and some golden opportunities. Work related journeys are likely to be beneficial for you. During the month of May, over expenditure might trouble you a lot. Sagittarius 2021 Astrology suggests you to be alert and try to focus on saving money. Things will turn into your favour once again very soon. Your thoughtful decisions will help you to maintain good financial condition during this year.


You need to be really very careful especially March to May.During 2021, issues like abdominal infection, insomnia and eye related issues may trouble you. Also, over aggression may create problems like high blood pressure around this time.After October, you might feel pressurized due to excessive workload and unable to take proper rest. But remember that health should always be your first priority and you are advised not to play with your it, otherwise you will land in a problem.Though your 6th House of Health is not a House of Power and you seem to lack interest here, it's still a good idea to give this area more attention. First off, health needs to be watched and can't be taken for granted. Three long-term planets are impacting on you. Second, the North Node of the Moon is in your 6th House of Health all year. This shows that there is happiness and fulfilment in these kinds of pursuits even though you lack the interest. You will enjoy learning about health, taking on health regimes and exploring the nuances of your body.With both Uranus and Jupiter squaring your Sun, your heart needs to be given more attention


This year is very important for students as lots of positive developments are expected. You are likely to work very hard in a bid to achieve success and you will surely taste the fruit of success during this period.At times, problems like weak memory and lack of concentration might trouble the natives Sagittarius Also, you might feel that the result is not as per your expectation. But with the help of your strong will and positive attitude you are likely see better results very soon.All you have to do is, as per planetary alignments, to give some more time to your studies and focus on your goal. Success will surely come to your way.Students in higher studies are expected to perform very well. Also, time is good for participating in a competitive exams, because there are strong possibilities of scoring good marks.You should carry out the tasks which you get in the best possible manner. You need to gather all your skills and abilities to handle the task successfully. The task which you will be given may turn out very important for you. It may give your professional life an important turn according to Sagittarius Career Horoscope 2021. It will give you professional growth and success.


Lots of romantic dates are on cards and you are likely to spend a very good time with your love partner.During this time, you may understand the perspective of your partner and which might result in a better relationship. If you are planning to walk the aisle with your love partner during this time, time is perfect to win the consent of your parents.You are likely to get support of your love partner and you both are expected to be devoted to your relationship.You both are likely to have a sweetened relationship around this time, but you are advised to keep yourself away from negative situations. Because your inflated ego may create some issues in your married life, which is not good for you.You may buy an expensive gift in order to please your partner and your relationship is expected to evolve with new energy. Good news for singles who are looking for a partner because they might meet their someone special during this time. Astrology says that Friendships are much more interesting and important than romance this year especially after September 25th. You are reaching out to make new friends. You are the aggressor. You are taking the bull by the horns and developing your friendships and you will have success.