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Horoscope 2024 Based on Your Moon Sign

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Leo / सिंह राशि



Sun :Gold, Orange, White, Red

Lucky Number🪶🪶?

	1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22

Yearly Horoscope🪶🪶

	In the beginning of this year, the impact of shadow planets as well as Saturn do not foretell a good time for your career but the combined impact of Jupiter and Venus indicates beginning of a delightful phase from around the mid of January. 

You must keep patience though. Mercury indicates that you may have many ideas and strategies floating around in your mind to strengthen your financial but, it can be misleading. If you are doing business, some impulsive actions or decisions might bring problems. The movement of South Node will not be so favourable for you around the month of February. Increments or promotions are hard to come. Also, there will be some serious differences with the elder members of the family. Some negative thoughts and anxiety around the month of February may cause digestion problems. Mercury may however bring constructive changes from around the mid of February.

It will bring plenty of good things to happen in your personal life. It will be highly romantic as well as passionate phase due to the combined impact of Mars and Venus. As the year advances, due to strong support of Jupiter, you will be able to focus better and you will have stronger chances to achieve your goals in your studies. Mars indicates the period around the mid of March will be highly productive for career progress. 

If you are in business, it will remain good for the completion of previously started projects. Jupiter will make you able to strengthen your position so the period till June may bring some good growth opportunities amid problems created by Saturn. 

Planets can bring additional income through inheritance, joint ventures or from old investments in property or assets around the month of March.

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Money & Finance Horoscope🪶🪶

This year you will have to face minor challenges in your financial life, but in spite of this, you will also get excellent results. Your financial position will be strong. You may suffer the loss of money. But if you move carefully in financial matters, then you can get out of this situation. After that, the time of April-May is giving auspicious signs for you. 

At this time you can get some big benefits in the economic sector. During this time your income will increase. There will be profit in business. 

You will prepare financial plans for your future. You are seeing strong chances of getting a lot of financial benefits. Let's assume, this year you will be able to collect money. On the other hand, if you look at your expenses, your expenses may increase in February and March. Your money will be spent on many things. However, the circumstances will still remain under your control. If a case is going on in the court regarding the property, then its decision may come in your favor. 

Health Horoscope🪶🪶

It is important to exercise caution regarding health-related matters, given the presence of the Sun in the fifth house, Saturn in the seventh house, and Rahu in the eighth house. 

This year could bring forth physical ailments. The influence of Rahu could lead to the sudden emergence of temporary health problems, causing discomfort for a limited duration.

The first half of the year is expected to be relatively weaker in terms of health, and you might encounter blood-related issues during this period. Additionally, it is advised to remain vigilant about sporadic concerns like stomach ailments, fever, and headaches.

You are advised to make substantial changes in your daily routine this year. Leading a disciplined life will help you avoid succumbing to various physical ailments. The positions of Rahu and Ketu suggest that by giving special attention to your diet and nutrition, you can effectively avoid many problems.

Career Horoscope🪶🪶

Predictions for Leo Employees in Job / Service Sector
You will get the guidance and support from seniors. A discipline-oriented approach will help you to grab opportunities and support from colleagues, as indicated by the movement of the Sun.You will find sudden changes in the plan that will affect your work performance.

Career Transformations and Changes
The end of 2024, there are possibilities of changes in job. There will be chances of promotion and increment between January to April 2024 as indicated by the movement of planets in your horoscope.

Period of Progression & Growth
You will get the expected success with promotion along with a rise in status and positive changes in the coming year due to the auspicious movement of Jupiter.
The main period of Saturn in 2024 will give you clarity on how to build the foundation for the coming year.

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Love Horoscope 🪶🪶

Your love life is going to be challenging this year, so you will need to be more careful this year. There may be a rift with the love partner regarding something or due to some misunderstanding, there is a possibility of sourness in the relationship. 

Sometimes you will appear dissatisfied with your relationship. Do not suppress anything in your heart at this time. If there is any kind of argument with the partner, then try to solve it together. Instead of getting angry, try to solve things with a cool head. At this time, do not put any kind of pressure on your partner, nor try to impose your views on them. Understand the feelings of a love partner. If the partner is upset with you, then he can be celebrated by giving him a lovely gift. Circumstances will not always be bad for a love life. 

Many such occasions will also come in which you will spend romantic moments with your beloved. Together you can go on a trip somewhere. 

This will strengthen the relationship between both of you. Maintain the trust of the partner. This year you can also tie the knot with your spouse. Do not show any haste in new relationships and control your emotions

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