Cancer / कर्क राशि


The Moon :Orange, White

Lucky Number

2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25


In the month of January, due to the placement of Saturn in the seventh house, you might feel workload. Your relationship life is one of those areas needing extra care as you will miss the signs if you don’t pay attention. In mid-January, health matters would be the Centre of focus. It is also advised to take care of your financial matters also. In the month of February, you will be most active and dynamic. Your focus will be mostly on home, family, and private life due to the aspect of Jupiter on the house of family and home. In the month of April, the transit of Jupiter in the ninth house will keep you focused on home and career development. One of the best remedies as per Cancer 2022 annual predictions you can do this month is to take some time off to get away from all the stress. If possible, plan out travel to someplace. In the month of May, Mercury turns retrograde, leading to some backtracking in your career. You may feel a sense of uneasiness, even in your personal life, as a conflict may arise during the month of March end or April. It is important to realize that sometimes people need time to think things through, and this may be one of them. In the month of July, Saturn moves in the sign of Capricorn. The seeds of the initiative of the past two years have now been planted, and it’s time to begin developing them. You will be less stressed, less likely to feel overburdened now. Your physical health is showing signs of definite improvement now, and you have the time now to get some tonic and preventive treatments that will boost your vitality. In the month of October, with the Mars transit in Gemini, you will find yourself in a peacemaker role. The focus point for the Cancer natives this year may be Personal life, Career, Finance and Property. All these spheres would be integral and essential, as there are quite happening things that would happen in all these spheres of life. All this year demands from you is hard work, hard work, and hard work, as the year may be rewarding to all those who would work hard and plan to surpass each milestone.


Investments may be relooked by most of you. However, this may be a year for those who had to use their assets in the past to replenish their investment once again. Therefore, this would make you wise in all your money management. The only advice is to stay away from speculative investments. Unfortunately, this would not help you much this year. 2022, it promises to be an auspicious year from an economic perspective. The presence of Rahu in the 11th house means that you should have your desired savings. You should work well to improve your financial status this year. Cancer natives would incur some expenditure on auspicious family events, and it is a favorable time to make a big investment.


2022, the beginning of the year would bring average results. There would be problems due to weather bone diseases because of the effect of Jupiter in the eighth house. Improve your daily routines along with food habits, and it is advised to take regular exercise in the form of yoga in the morning while doing Pranayam. Do not have mental tension because of any economic aspect or opponent. Finally, when it comes to procuring wealth or even building assets. This year is likely to give you everything required to accumulate property or acquire some help. You have been planning meticulously for a long time, enabling you to achieve what you would like to achieve. You are advised never to deal with property or assets if you feel something is dicey in it.


You are also advised to manage your time between academics and extracurricular activities wisely. For example, try not to study in a group, as studies may be hampered, and time would be spent in chilling and chit-chatting. Instead, try to study by yourself, as you’ll be more focused, and you may even complete your syllabus fast. The year may be rewarding all those who would work hard and plan to surpass each milestone. Despite possible worries in other spheres of life, stability, higher labor productivity, and good relations with management are expected in professional activity. There are certain career opportunities that could pop up in the mid-year. Consider both the upside and downside before making a change because optimism can be best for you.


You would be happy to find the support of your spouse or from your partner, especially in the ones in a long term relationship. 2022 may bring in the freshness of love, so feel the breeze and sniff the air, as love is everywhere. You both may finally feel good to let go of the past issues. This year may bring a breath of fresh air to the relationship. Cancer natives have favourable results in the first quarter of the year, but relationships may get better in the mid-year. There will be love and respect between you and your partner. Cancer natives who are currently single may get into a romantic relationship during the second half of the year. Your social and romantic life is most likely to be dominated by strong passion.