Cancer / कर्क राशि


The Moon :Orange, White

Lucky Number

2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25


this year is going to be full of major changes and transformations in regards to various aspects of life. In terms of career, there will be mixed outcomes for Cancerians. This year from April to mid-September, you are advised to remain cautious since the time will be full of challenges and troubles. Also, luck won’t favour you at any cost. In such a situation, you must refrain from getting into any kind of dispute with your seniors or delivering any mistake. The year can prove to be very good in terms of finances. You are likely to get financially benefited from the government sector at this time. Due to a good inflow of money in your life during this time, you will be able to pay your old debts and bills etc. easily. Overall, it will be a good time for you from a financial point of view. In terms of academics, those who are pursuing higher education will experience favourable conditions before April and from September to November in the year 2021, as they are likely to attain desired results. However, you will also have to work hard for this. This year is not going to be very favorable for you in terms of health, because some health issues may trouble you. In such a situation, you are advised to be careful.


Financial position will remain average but most of the time favorable during 2021. You may face ups and down in your monetary position during the month of November and December. During this period unnecessary expenses may go high. Friend circle will be generally helpful at the time of need. Your own efforts and labor will bring good income to you. Some short journeys would also be fruitful in terms of raising inflow of income. From February until mid of June and thereafter from October end onwards, there might be some troubles in financial matters and your expenses would also increase tremendously, which might create misbalance in your financial matters.Indulging in speculation and stocks should generally be avoid as there will be issues financially this may lead to your annoyance, it would help you to spruce up your budget for the year. This part of the year also bring in good inflow by way of real estate deals and income through legacy.The Sun is your Money Planet and he is a fast-moving planet. He will move through all the Signs and Houses of your Solar Horoscope in any given year.


Not only for yourself, the health of entire family, should be taken care of. There is possibility of injury during last two months of the year. Also take care of your children. Fever, fatigue and problems related to lower part of the body may be the cause of concern for you. Timely check should be undertaken.Diseases like high blood pressure, chronic problems, joint pains, diabetes and insomnia are likely to create trouble for you. Your health graph will go up and down throughout this year. Mental restlessness might affect your performance at workplace. Take rest and spend time with your friends and family to charge you. Some seasonal diseases might also affect you. A mere Saturn transit by itself (which is what's happening for you this year) is not enough to cause disease but it does tend to lower overall vitality and if you get over-tired or ignore your body, you become more susceptible. This is a year for watching your physical energy. For recognising your physical limits and staying within them. For managing your time and energy in a more efficient way. Simple common sense will prevent many problems. Rest when you're tired. Delegate responsibility wherever possible. Since new burdens and responsibilities are coming to you, there is a need to discern sharply what the true and real ones are. The tendency is to start accepting everything as your responsibility, and this would be wrong though perhaps noble in many cases.Saturn in your own Sign and 1st House will make you more able to take on disciplined health and dietary regimes. A very good year to lose weight.


hose who are looking for admission in higher education will get success subject to placement of Jupiter and Mars in the natal chart. Those who are appearing in competitive examinations may get achievement.This is an average period for those who are involved in business. Beginning of the year may not be considered favorable for business life. As the year advances, you may face difficulties in materializing your plans. You may not get the cooperation from the Government authorities particularly during last two months of the year. This period may be considered a challenging period for your business only to give bad results. Try to avoid any misunderstandings in the relations which may only worsen the situation. Professional life may appear to be good and supporting for first two months of the year but some unwanted problems may surface during the month of March and April where rivals may try to create obstructions but you will manage the situation by your own efforts and planning. Months of November and Decembers may again bring problems and this time you may not be able to deal with the situation.


Cancer will enjoy good relationship during this year. In the beginning, they will spend quality time with their loved one and will have good close encounters with the person of their choice. Your bond with your partner is likely to get strength with good understanding, healthy conversation and spending time with each other. Some wonderful romantic dates are waiting for you. During January and thereafter between June and October, you may get married with your loving partner. Cancer Horoscope 2021 indicates good intimacy between you and your lover. With Saturn as your Love Planet you are not likely to rush into anything. You will let love grow and develop naturally. You know that marriage is a serious thing and you want to be sure everything is right before you enter into it.When the Love Planet is in your own Sign and House, it shows that love is pursuing you. Nothing special you need to do except show up. In fact, it is practically impossible to avoid love this year. Chances of getting permission of marriage from your parents are high.