Aquarius / कुंभ राशि


The Uranus :Blue, Blue-green, Grey, Black

Lucky Number

4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26


The year 2021 is going to bring a lot of gifts for Aquarius natives. This year, Aquarius natives will attain fruitful results in their workplace. In terms of career, this year will be full of ups and downs for these natives, since luck will immensely favour you in the beginning of this year, but from then the conditions will change gradually. Some employed natives are likely to get a job transfer. Apart from that, the month of December will bring tremendous success in your field of work. In terms of finances, year 2021 can be full of obstacles. Therefore, it would be better for you to try and save a plentiful amount from the beginning by keeping a check on your expenses. Students enrolled in Journalism and Media, Information Technology and Architecture are likely to get better results this year. According to Horoscope 2021, you may have to move away from your family due to excess work and busy schedule. At the same time, the year 2021 will be normal for married natives. Love in your marital life can increase during the time from July to August. Apart from this, in the month of September, you can plan to go somewhere far away with your life-partner and children. In terms of health, this year will not be good enough for Aquarius. This year, problems such as foot pain, gas, acidity, indigestion, cold and cough can cause physical discomfort. It is advisable to take special care of yourself and eat and drink plenty of greed foods and fluids.


ou are expected to work very hard in order to increase and strengthen your finance. Your continuous efforts will definitely fetch you desired results.Astrologically speaking, there might be a good cash flow and you are expected to enjoy all the luxuries of life. But a better financial management is needed during this time in a bid to avoid financial crisis. Also, you might be able to come out of debts if you have taken loans.Some really good options may appear during this time which might be very beneficial for you. Also, some special and significant achievements might happen around this period.Also, your income might decline after mid-October. So, take your decisions wisely in monetary related matters.If your business is related to art, designing, fashion, architect, import and export then you are likely to make more profits.As in past years you are investing in yourself, a wise move, as this tends to be the best investment long term. You are investing in making yourself a better person through studies in self-improvement, personality development and the like and through upgrading and updating your image. You spend lavishly on yourself. You dress expensively. You pamper yourself. You wear expensive jewelery and accessories. You are up to date on all the latest fashion trends. In short, you don the image of wealth and success and as you adopt this image, others see you as wealthy and the wealth vibration increases in your aura. Whether or not you are actually rich, you will dress and accessorize as if you are.There is a logic to this now.


our health is expected to remain good and you might be safe from all the major health related issues during this year. But you are advised not be careless.If you want to stay fit and fine then you need to maintain a good lifestyle. From mid April to September, you might stuck with a hectic schedule and may suffer from sleep loss and perianal disease. So, take proper rest along with your work and also your meals on time.Avoid unnecessary haste inside or outside your house because there are chances of getting injured during this time. Drive a vehicle carefully especially from May to November.Saturn is now in your 6th House of Health for the next two years or so. This is showing many things. More attention needs to be paid to your spine, knees, teeth and skeletal alignment than usual. Nothing wrong with these but problems if they happen, are likely to begin there. Regular visits to a chiropractor or osteopath would be advisable. Therapies such as Alexander Technique, which targets the posture and skeletal alignment, would also be good.Saturn's perspective on things is always long term. Though you personally are very experimental and love new things merely because they are new, this year, health wise, you are much more conservative. You want therapies that have proven themselves over time. You don't want quick fixes or 'faddy' type things. You are concerned with long-term health.Saturn also happens to be your Spiritual Planet. He is the Lord of your 12th Solar House. You are also exploring spiritual-type therapies (probably the tried-and-true ones like prayer, meditation, laying on of hands and the like). You will get good results from these things.Your Spiritual Planet in your House of Health shows that the major health lesson is to seek healing from within. Your connection to the Higher Power is the most important healer. Yes, there is a Divine Physician within to which you have access and connection with this brings enduring health.The Moon is your Health Planet. Since the Moon rules the stomach and breasts, these organs are also unusually important for overall health. The Moon rules moods, feelings and emotions hence emotional health is part and parcel of physical health. Negative moods are not only unpleasant but have a direct, dramatic, impact on overall health. This is true for everyone to some degree but especially for you.Since the Moon rules the stomach, diet is more of an issue for you than for most people.


ou are expected to work very hard and may receive appreciation from your seniors. Also, chances are high of getting promotion along with a hike in salary.During 2021, you may be more focused, determined and have positive approach towards work. At your workplace, you are likely to gain authority but you are advised to stay away from all the controversies.You would be more passionate and prefer working independently. You are likely to be interested in taking new initiatives in order to enhance your skills. Astrology 2021 says that you should try to maintain good relations with your seniors, because there are chances of some occasional tiffs with them. Your wise decisions will surely fetch you good results. Chances are high of travelling to a foreign country during May to November.For professionals and career-oriented people, the time around June seems good for procuring better-placed jobs with higher remuneration and pay package. So, those who are seeking job change or other changes on the job front, June will be conducive for your prospects. Your efforts are likely to fructify around that time, is what the stars are conveying. If you are having any such plans. Then you may go ahead with them, according to Aquarius Career Horoscope 2021. The period from August is likely to provide a larger platform to perform. You are to get good opportunity to exhibit your talent and inherent ability to succeed in handling a complex task, according to your Aquarius Career Horoscope 2021. It's a good time for those who want to prove their professional abilities.


There might be some ups and downs during this year.Initially, you face some differences with your partner so it's better to avoid unnecessary disputes and tension. Also, avoid unnecessary arguments and baseless allegations on each other.Your 7th House of Love, Romance, Marriage and Social Activities is not a House of Power this year, Aquarius. Since last year was a banner love year, I read this as a good sign. Most of you are satisfied with the love life that you have and have no need to make drastic changes or give this area undue attention. The tendency will be to the status quo. Marrieds will stay married and singles will stay single. Those involved in serious relationships will continue in these relationships.Friendship is more important this year than love and romance. Now, Aquarians are always into friendships but this year even more so. Your 11th House is strong and has been strong for many years now. This whole area of life is undergoing vast transformation and this process is continuing in the year ahead. Old friendships are dying and new ones are being born. Old social attitudes are dying and new attitudes are being born. You are delving deeply into the meaning of friendship and weeding out bad or false attitudes.Try to give more time and space to each other and understand the value of your relationship. So, control your anger and try to stay cool. You might have some difference of opinions so, be careful about your words and don't jump to the conclusion without thinking.Not only this, health of your partner might decline around this time. So, take proper and special care of him/her. During April and May, you might feel positive and find that things are going in the way you want them to be.By the end of 2021, people of star sign Aquarius may have proper time to go on date with their lover. Love and social activities will be most active from July 22nd to August 22nd and from September 6th to October 3rd. Those working towards a second marriage have wonderful love aspects after September 25th, Wedding bells could ring but even if not, this new relationship will be like a marriage. This relationship will start out as a friendship and evolve into something more.