Aquarius / कुंभ राशि


The Uranus :Blue, Blue-green, Grey, Black

Lucky Number

4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26


In the months of March and April, you are required to pay attention to your health; proper diet and physical exercise are a must to be consistent to avoid issues that might occur in this month. In the months of June and July, don’t get too stressed and try to control your impulse. You can opt for sports or going out in the middle of nature as it will ease your mental stress and will relax you. Communication and sincerity are the key elements in your relationships that can make you move forward. The months of September and October are the months when tactfulness and diplomacy will do wonders in your career. This year the relationship with the client is the key to your survival. With the passing of the months, you will obtain a promotion, salary increase, and recognition. By the end of the year, you might enjoy success although there might be some undesired expenses on the chart, it is also advised to avoid food rich in fat because it can cause harm to your digestive system during this period. This year which is 2022, you may see harmony to be the keyword for you. You would indeed follow the principles of peace, and this is likely to help you in your endeavour. Further, at work or home or with friends, or with your hairdresser, everyone you meet this year, you may continue spreading your joy and happiness


the first quarter of the year may be very fruitful for Aquarius natives as they may expect a good profit from the business during this time, and expanding business further with the time. This time period is also very good for start-ups as well. There might be some problems in the second half of the year. If you invest in your project and sign new deals, it is wise for you to do it in the first half of the year. It would be very beneficial for you to take advice from experienced ones which might help your business to grow, and you could stay away from the unnecessary obstacles this year. For the business natives this year, from the very first month, you will start getting good orders through your long journeys, and your business will move ahead. This year you will also be benefited through your networking. Thanks to the dedication and hard work you have been investing in for a long time, bringing you closer to your dream is fulfilled. But, make sure you remain focused till the end and not lose your sight and celebrate before time. You may pay the price for this act. It is advised not to make any heavy investment as you may not have the desired savings this year; hence think twice before stepping in investing your hard-earned income as this time is not very favorable to take any risk as there is a lack of wealth accumulation this year. As far as profit is concerned, the natives will have a stable income to support their Life and family in 2022. It is not advised to invest in real estate and in the financial market as it can be lost generating for the natives. Your incurred income will control your expenses within the budget; hence it is advisable to spend more time with your family than speculating your money on lucrative business ideas.


there are chances of minor ailments which may mostly be caused by poor digestion, whether in chronic health issues. Health issues may also affect your work, and you may have to pay more attention to your mental health in order to improve your physical condition. It is advised to adopt a new hobby, take a proper diet and do whatever it takes to bring you mental is in the year 2022.


Natives who are in the corporate field and in government sectors may get a transfer, and you may have to keep your calm and handle the situation with patience when things get messed up or difficult. It is advised not to get into arguments or conflict with higher authorities as you may have a very negative impact on your work life. It is advised to have good relations with your colleagues. People who are currently unemployed will get good jobs this year. The latter part of the year may be more prosperous, and you may get recognition for keeping up the good work and the efforts. You would like to change your job because the present position may not be very satisfying. But, unfortunately, the right astrological moment has not yet arrived. So, it would help if you kept your cool. If the package is an issue with your current job, we advise you to take up freelancing work and earn extra money. If you’re seeking a job due to discontent with your boss’s current position or issues, stay away from work conflicts. Instead, maintain a good relationship with your bosses, including your managers, co-workers and juniors.


Women may have a joyous time this year. Your love signs are shining brightly over you, and you may go through the most fabulous moments this year. Your wait to be a mother may be fulfilled this year. There are chances that you may visit the doctor, bringing joy and a beautiful new essence to life. Precaution and care should be taken, and everything should go smoothly. You may sort out some plans for the upbringing of your financial and career life. But you may lack support from others which can bring a delay on your project. You tend to be somewhat shy and secretive. this year will bring average results for the married natives of the Aquarius as at the beginning of the year. The natives may have to face some obstacles. Things will look better as the year progresses. If you have to succeed in your married life, then plenty of love and time is required. The changes will enrich your life which can be fortunate for you over time. Hence in the first half of the year, you are advised to keep patience and let things go. In the second half of the year, you will find a chance to make things better with your family. The last quarter of the year will be very good for your family life, and you will find support from your family.