× Reports! Booking puja live is convenient.Our Priests come from Hindu family and they follow complete Vedic rituals during the puja.


× Patience! We request you to have patience,Puja will be done in real at our premises.


× Patience! We request you to have patience,Puja will be done in real at our premises.

What is Online Puja?

Puja is an important, necessary and renowned ritual that used to be recommended by the Yogis to the Kings and Queens of ancient India, and as of today, is recommended by the learned astrologers to individuals across all walks of life. Puja is simply a form of worshipping God (sometimes in the form of planets) that makes our life better. Pujas, if performed precisely and on a regular basis, can be so powerful that they are to leave a positive impact on an individual’s life while allowing them an abundance of luck and prosperity. Thus, this is where online puja consultancy and jyotishgher’s excellence in online puja services comes into play.

Do I need to be physically present for online puja?

No, online puja doesn’t require your physical presence. The puja is done in your name and thus has a similar effect as you would have gotten if you were present physically. It’s simply like how pandits perform puja for celebs usually when they are admitted to the hospitals.

What details do one need to perform puja?

Personal information like your Full Name, Gotra, current city of residence including state, country, time of birth, statement of Purpose, etc are needed to perform the puja.

From where can I book an online puja?

If you wish to book an online puja, email us jyotishgherastro@gmail.com

Which websites offer online pooja services?

Jyotishgher Astrology

Why e-puja/darshan services are gaining popularity

Despite the general trend of younger generations turning away from organised religion, e-pujas and darshan fit right in as a replacement for a guiding philosophy. People have traditionally looked for “signs” when under stress. We’ve all faced some of the most stressful times in the recent past, and Millennials were particularly hard-hit by the pandemic stress. Therefore, it may not come as a surprise that the faith-tech segment has gained momentum during this extremely turbulent period.