Prashnavali Games

Any type of question can be asked and the answer thus obtained comes in short.

For getting an answer for your query, repeat the question in your mind and then select Chakra and then click on any one of the box ("Kostak") after closing your eyes. The result to the query will immediately appear on the screen.

What is a Prashnavali question in Astrology?

In Astrology, a **Prashnavali question** refers to a specific type of question asked during divination techniques or astrological readings. The term comes from Sanskrit, where "Prashna" means "question" and "Prashnavali" translates to "series of questions".

These questions serve a crucial purpose: to **elicit specific information from an astrological chart or divination system**. They guide the astrologer or the system towards the specific area of the querent's life (the person asking the question) that needs guidance or insight.

Characteristics of Prashnavali questions:

  • Open-ended:** Unlike yes/no questions, Prashnavali questions are designed to encourage detailed and insightful answers.
  • Specific:** They target a particular aspect of life, such as career, relationships, health, or finances.
  • Focused:** They should be clear and concise, avoiding ambiguity or irrelevant details.

Different astrological methods utilize Prashnavali questions, including Sagar Chakra Prashnavali, Garbini Prashnavali, and Horary Astrology.

Examples of Prashnavali questions:

  • "What are the potential obstacles I might face in my new career path?"
  • "Will my upcoming relationship be stable and fulfilling?"
  • "What can I do to improve my overall health and well-being?"
  • "Will I be able to overcome this current financial challenge?"

By formulating clear and focused Prashnavali questions, you can unlock more accurate and relevant insights from your astrological reading. Remember, these questions are a valuable tool for guiding the astrologer and gaining deeper understanding of your current situation and potential paths forward.