Kharmas: Significance, Timings, Effects & Remedies

In Hindu astrology, Kharmas, also known as Malmas, signifies a period considered inauspicious for undertaking certain activities. It is believed to occur when the Sun transits from Scorpio to Sagittarius in the zodiac calendar, typically lasting for a month.Kharmas is a period of one month that is considered inauspicious in Hindu religion. It is believed that during this time, the Sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, and all auspicious activities are prohibited.Kharmas in not considered auspicious for any form of auspicious tasks, especially marriage. For this reason, it is believed that marriage should be avoided in this period. Let us understand what is the month of Khar. The period of Sun's transit in Sagittarius is called Kharmas or Khar month. The beginning of Khar month starts from the middle of December and lasts till the middle of January.During this period of Sankranti the element of fire is at its peak. This time is useful for activities that involve debates. Changes are also seen in the climate, nature and behavior of human beings in this phase.Hindus halt auspicious activities during month of Kharmas, here's why; also know date and timing


Timings of Kharmas

Kharmas is considered very special in Hinduism. According to astrological calculations, when Sun God enters Pisces, it is called Pisces Sankranti and as long as Sun God remains in this zodiac sign, Kharmas continues.This period comes twice a year.During this period, maintain purity in your thoughts, words, and deeds. You need to eat satvik food only once a day. Also, avoid spicy and spicy food. Sleep on the ground during the month of Kharmas. Do not insult anyone or harm anyone.Kharmas is a period of one month that is considered inauspicious in Hindu religion. It is believed that during this time, the Sun moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, and all auspicious activities are prohibited.

Effects of Kharmas

It is prohibited to do any religious work in the month of Kharmas. No auspicious program or auspicious event is organized during this period. During this one month, auspicious functions like marriage, tonsure, housewarming etc. are banned. It is believed that when Sun God resides in Pisces then auspicious results of any auspicious work are not achieved.Kharmas is traditionally associated with both positive and negative effects.Accrording to Hindu scriptures, it is believed that worshiping Lord Vishnu during Kharmas brings happiness and prosperity. In addition, regular Tulsi worship should also be performed during Kharmas. This brings peace and happiness to your home.According to the astrology, Kharmas is a period of one month which is not considered auspicious for performing few activities. It is connected with Dhanu Sankranti which means when Sun will enter in Sagittarius zodiac signs, all the auspicious activities will be prohibited and when Sun moves from Sagittarius, all activities will start again.

Remedies for Kharmas Month

While some activities are considered inauspicious during Kharmas, there are still ways to make the most of this period.In the month of Kharmas, worship Gods, Goddesses, Brahmins, elders and ancestors. By doing such work in the month of Kharmas one gets virtuous results. In the month of Kharmas, Lord Vishnu Narayan should be worshiped with special rituals. This month, after taking a bath in Brahma Muhurta, offering water to Sun God along with reciting mantras and reciting Sahastra Naam of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu.

It's important to remember that Kharmas is based on traditional beliefs. Ultimately, the decision of what activities to undertake during this period is a personal one.During this period, maintain purity in your thoughts, words, and deeds. You need to eat satvik food only once a day. Also, avoid spicy and spicy food. Sleep on the ground during the month of Kharmas. Do not insult anyone or harm anyone.

Bad Effects of Kharmas:

During Kharmas, it is believed that any new ventures or activities may face obstacles or lack positive outcomes. Therefore, people often refrain from starting new projects, purchasing property, or making major life decisions during this period. It is also considered inauspicious for important rituals or ceremonies.

Good Effects of Kharmas:

While Kharmas is generally considered an inauspicious period, some astrologers believe that it can be a favorable time for spiritual practices, introspection, and seeking inner growth. By avoiding external distractions and focusing on inner development, individuals can harness the energy of Kharmas for personal transformation.

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Astrological Reason

🌹Malamas also occurs due to Sagittarius Sankranti of Sun. The presence of Sun in Sagittarius and Pisces signs are not considered auspicious for the Sun. The main reason for this is that the Sun is in a weak state in the zodiac signs of Jupiter. Twice a year, the Sun transits in the zodiac signs of Jupiter. First is the Dhanu Sankranti from 16 December to 15 January and the second in the Pisces Sankranti from 14 March to 13 April. Marriage, Yagyopaveet, ear piercing, housewarming, Vastu are some activities which are not done during these months. Devotionals songs are sung in this period.While Kharmas itself is not considered inauspicious, specific activities are cautioned against during this period. Initiating new ventures or participating in auspicious activities is advised against due to the perceived weakened state of the Sun in Sagittarius during this month. The prevailing belief is that a strong Sun position is preferable for the successful undertaking of propitious endeavours. Make Free Prashna Kundli.

Story Of Kharmas

Lord Suryadev constantly revolves around the universe by riding on a chariot drawn by seven horses. Once upaon a time one of his horses were very tired of hunger and thirst due to continuous walking and not getting rest. Lord Suryadev took him to the bank of a pond, but only then did he realize that if the chariot stops, it will be a disaster. Only then two donkeys were present on the banks of the pond.Lord Suryadev leaves the horses to drink water and rest and joins the donkeys to his chariot. Due to this the speed of the chariot slows down, yet as soon as the cycle of one month is completed, by then the horses have also got rest, thus this sequence continues and is called Kharmas.

Tasks that are prohibited in Khar month

🌹Khar month is not considered auspicious time according to astrological calculations. There is an excess of anger and rage in Khar month and during this time, mental restlessness is also seen with contradictions and ideological differences. 🌹Buying any house, purchasing any property etc. during this Khar month is not considered auspicious. One should also not buy a new vehicle during this month. If any vehicle etc. is purchased at this time, then problems related to the vehicle can cause stress. 🌹Farewell ceremonies for daughters or daughters-in-law heading to their parents’ or in-laws’ houses should be conducted before Kharmas, as there is considered to be no auspicious time for farewells during this period.

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Work to be done in Khar month

🌹Sun God transit in Jupiter’s sign makes it ideal to worship Lord Sun in this period. At this time it is considered best to do chant Mantras and perform various rituals. 🌹Bathing in holy rivers also holds great importance. Bathing during Brahma Muhurta is considered to be very useful for the body. 🌹Kharmas also presents opportunities for worship, especially dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Reciting the Satyanarayan story is believed to bring happiness and open paths of progress. Acts of devotion, such as offering water to Tulsi ji and lighting a lamp throughout Kharmas, are considered beneficial. Additionally, offering water to the Sun daily during this period is believed to promote good health. Talk to astrologers to know more about Prashna-kundli.


Doing auspicious work is prohibited

🦗According to religious and astrological beliefs, Kharmas is not considered auspicious. Therefore, doing any auspicious or auspicious work during this month is considered prohibited. During this time, none of the rituals mentioned in the Hindu religion, like Mundan Sanskar, Yagyopaveet, Namkaran, Griha Pravesh, House Construction, Starting a new business, bride's entry, engagement, marriage, etc. are performed.According to Hindu mythology, Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius. The entry of Jupiter in its zodiac sign is not good for humans. When this happens, the Sun becomes weak in the horoscope of people. Due to the Sun being weak in this zodiac sign, it is called Malmas. It is said that the nature of the Sun becomes furious in Kharmas. Due to the Sun being in a weak position, auspicious works are banned this month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Kharmas and Malmas

According to the sacred Hindu texts, Kharmas also known as Malmas is considered an extremely inauspicious period for starting new ventures and undertaking significant endeavours. As per the Panchang, the Sun makes transit into either Sagittarius or Pisces zodiac signs during this inauspicious time

Can we do wedding shopping in Kharmas?

In Hinduism, it is forbidden to do any auspicious work during Kharmas. It is believed that the movement of the Sun becomes very slow in this month, due to which auspicious works like marriage, shaving, housewarming, Janeu Sanskar, etc.

Why is Kharmas inauspicious?

During this period, it is not permitted to carry out any auspicious tasks. Auspicious activities such as marriage, upanayana, mundan, and other auspicious activities are not carried out during the Kharmas period. Kharmas forbids marriage and engagement rites since it is believed that they will lead to marital troubles.

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