Mantras in Vedic astrology are a combination of syllabus or hymns, which, if pronounced correctly, helps the native to concentrate one’s mind on the universal energy.


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Vedic Mantras in astrology

Benefits of reciting Mantras in astrology

  • Beej mantra

  • Gayatri mantra

  • Om Mantra

  • Kuber Mantra

  • Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

  • Sri Hanuman

  • Surya Mantra

  • Rashi Mantra

  • Navaghraha

  • Saraswati Mantra

  • Santan Gopal Mantra

  • Shiva Mantra

  • Rahu Mantra

  • Ketu Mantra

  • Shani Mantra

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In the mid-Vedic period, mantras were derived from all Vedic compositions. They included ṛc (verses from Rigveda), sāman (musical chants from the Sāmaveda), yajus (a muttered formula from the yajurveda), and nigada (a loudly spoken yajus).

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श्री गणेश चालीसा

श्री शिव चालीसा

श्री सरस्वती चालीसा

Vedic Chalisha in Sanskrit | List of Chalisha


Tulsi Stotra- तुलसी स्तोत्र

Surya Stotra-सूर्य स्तोत्र

Chandra Stotra-चन्द्र स्तोत्र

Vedic Strotam in Sanskrit | List of Strotam


Ruby stone | माणिक रत्न

पुखराज रत्‍न – Pukhraj Ratan

मूंगा रत्‍न – Moonga Ratna

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