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Hessonite Stone / गोमेद- राहु का रत्न | (PLANET : RAHU)

Astrologically Benefits🪶🪶

ज्योतिष शास्त्र में रत्नों का बहतु अधिक महत्व है। इन्हीं रत्नों में से एक है गोमेद जिसे पहनने से ग्रह के दोष का निवारण होता है। गोमेद राहु का रत्‍न है गोमेद (Hessonite) जिसे आकर्षक रंग और गुणों के कारण नवरत्नों में स्थान दिया गया है। राहु ग्रह से पीडित होने पर जातक मानसिक तनाव और क्रोध से घिर जाता है। उसकी निर्णय लेने की क्षमता क्षीण हो जाती है। राहु के इन्हीं प्रभावों को कम करता है गोमेद रत्न। गोमेद रत्‍न के लाभ यह रत्‍न राहु के दुष्‍प्रभावों को कम करता है और जीवन से नकारात्‍मक ऊर्जाओं को खत्‍म कर देता है। गोमेद धारण करने से आय स्रोत खुलते हैं और मानसिक परेशानियों से निजात मिलती है। गोमेद रत्‍न में कालसर्प दोषों को दूर करने की भी क्षमता होती है। काले जादू से भी ये रत्‍न धारणकर्ता की रक्षा करता है। कैसे करें धारण गोमेद - गोमेद को शनिवार को चांदी या अष्‍टधातु में जड़वाकर शाम के समय विधिनुसार उसकी उपासना के बाद बीच की अंगुली में धारण करना चाहिए। गोमेद का वजन 6 रत्‍ती से कम नहीं होना चाहिए। इसे पहनने से पहले ‘ऊं रां राहवे नम:’ का मंत्र 180 बार जप करके गोमेद को जागृत करके पहनना चाहिए।


Benefits of hessonite/gomed The extremely powerful astrological hessonite gemstone eliminates confusion & enhances mental clarity along with a balanced temperament. It offers the wearer a sense of confidence, stability, & positive energy in their lives. The beautiful stone affords professional progress to the wearer and enhances their social and financial status. The gorgeous maroon-brown gem blesses the wearer with enhanced financial prosperity, a calm meditative state of mind, righteous living, bodily pleasures, and complete salvation. It brings complete peace and extreme happiness in marital life while also boosting love and harmony in the life of the wearer. If you're suffering from diseases under the effects of Rahu that are difficult to treat or even diagnose, wearing a hessonite can help you recover or even get diagnosed faster. It also has the power to relieve people with diseases like cancer, skin diseases, psoriasis, fear psychosis, mental issues, varicose veins, boils, leprosy, clumsiness, intestinal issues, fatigue, blood pressure, and multiple personality disorders, etc. that come under Rahu's domain. It also offers relief from some other diseases like epilepsy, allergies, infection in the eyes and sinus, hemorrhoids, and palpitation of the heart. Hessonite or gomed is powerful enough to remove fear complexes from a wearer's mind. It also blesses the wearer with confidence and courage to take on any task they want. It gives the individual full control of their life so they can direct their life with enthusiasm & confidence. The gorgeous and auspicious gem helps the wearer fight against all enemies by enhancing confidence & removing all the fears. So, it helps the wearer emerge victorious in various competitions and life-challenging situations. It can benefit them in settling disputes, attaining stability, and getting relief from diseases. Whether it's an evil eye or bad hexing, problems from the spirits, or black magic, this gem can give you protection and ultimate relief from it all. It has high protective energy and shields the wearer in all such scenarios. For people having gastric issues due to weak & indolent metabolism, this gem is a godsend. It blesses the wearer with better health, vigor, and vitality. It has a calming effect on the mind of the wearer and relieves them from the clutches of depression, deep-seated anxieties, and other mental problems. It helps boost concentration, focus and gives the wearer clear direction to help achieve life goals. So, it is extremely beneficial for students and researchers. Gomed is very useful for people who are pursuing public speaking because it enhances the wearer's influence over large crowds. Who should wear a hessonite/gomed? Individuals born in January i.e. Aries & Aquarius natives. Students & researchers who want a boost of concentration, focus, and clear direction to reach their goals. Individuals born in January (gomed's birth month) that are in the entertainment industry or media professions like music, dance, acting, movie production, newspaper publishing, magazines, and artists can get immense benefits from the gem. Politicians, PR professionals, event managers, and those in commission trade can get immense wealth, influence, and success from hessonite. Public speakers who want to address and influence large crowds can also benefit from the stone. People in computer jobs, government employees, lawyers, and scientists can benefit from the magical powers of hessonite. Natural gomed stones can help people involved in the transport business, printing business, grocery industry, and clubs. A gomed stone online or offline can benefit individuals suffering from the ill effects of Rahu. It can be worn & greatly benefit people with a serpent curse. How to wear a hessonite/gomed? The magical properties of hessonite are ruled by Rahu and benefit all. It blesses the wearer to no end. It should be worn on the middle finger as it represents the planets Saturn and Rahu. It can be worn as a ring or a talisman and is best worn in silver. It should be worn on a Saturday during Krishna Paksha (descending moon) at sunset. In conclusion Hessonite or Gomed can be worn by anybody above 25 years of age, if suggested by an astrologer. It has many benefits, but since it is closely associated with the naturally malefic planet Rahu, it should be worn with caution. If you want more information or if you're looking for a natural gomed stone, you should only trust trusted sellers

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