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2024 Sankat Nashan Stotram & Chalisha

Personalized Chant

"Rahu Stotra-राहु स्तोत्र"

"Who has to chant Rahu Stotra If in horoscope Rahu is along with Mars, Saturn, Sun, Moon Or Harshal then one may suffer a lot in many areas such as family life, higher position in service, business, profession, power, education, children and health. Overcome such difficulties and become happy. Such people are requested and advised to recite Rahu Stotra in a Vedic manner. For a proper guideline please contact"

"Rahu Stotra/राहु स्तोत्र

राहुर्दानवमंत्री च सिंहिकाचित्तनन्दन:। 
अर्धकाय: सदा क्रोधी चन्द्रादित्य विमर्दन: ।।1।।

रौद्रो रूद्रप्रियो दैत्य: स्वर्भानु र्भानुभीतिद:। 
ग्रहराज सुधापायी राकातिथ्यभिलाषुक: ।।2।।

कालदृष्टि: कालरूप: श्री कण्ठह्रदयाश्रय:। 
बिधुंतुद: सैंहिकेयो घोररूपो महाबल: ।।3।।

ग्रहपीड़ाकरो दंष्टो रक्तनेत्रो महोदर:। 
पंचविंशति नामानि स्म्रत्वा राहुं सदानर: ।।4।।

य: पठेन्महती पीड़ा तस्य नश्यति केवलम्। 
आरोग्यं पुत्रमतुलां श्रियं धान्यं पशूंस्तथा ।।5।।

ददाति राहुस्तस्मै य: पठेत स्तोत्र मुत्तमम्। 
सततं पठेत यस्तु जीवेद्वर्षशतं नर: ।।6।।"

"Benefits of chanting Rahu Stotra

One can use Rahu Stotra to connect with Rahu and derive all the benefits for your progress. 

Chanting Rahu Stotra can energize you with amazing powers and elevate your status in the society working from multiple angles." 

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