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The following are the major groups of hands:

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Palmistry Predictions - Palm Reading Astrology Services

Every individual has a passive and active hand. The passive hand gets considered as non-dominant and views the intrinsic characteristics of an individual. On the other contrary, the active hand is dominant or leads all the work along with showing the major changes of an individual's life. So, both passive and active hands are taken under consideration by our palmistry astrologer.

"Lucky Triangle"

"In general, the health line, head line and life line could form a triangle in your hand. It's thought to be an auspicious sign. The broader the area of the triangle is, the greater luck you will enjoy. "

The Major Palm Lines:

As per hast rekha astrology, there are different types of palm lines. But among them, four are primary- the fate line, the heart line, the headline, and the lifeline. However, the first line might not be spotted in all.

  • Palmistry Fate Line: It runs from the base of the palm vertically to the middle. And it says about an individual’s finances, success and helps in their career astrology prediction.
  • Palmistry Heart Line: This line runs across your palm horizontally with a little curve demonstrating the influence of your heart on your emotional and physical being. That plays a crucial role in decision-making in your life.
  • The Headline: As per the protocols of hand palm reading, this line sits between the heart line and life line in the middle of the palm. And is directs to the status of your brain and mind.
  • Palmistry Life Line: This line runs around the best of the thumb curved between the index finger and the thumb. Many people believe this line reveals about your life span, which is a misconception. It stands for the prosperity, zest, and success in your life.
  • Palmistry Money Line: Our hand reading experts claim these to be the upright lines found under the little fingers and ring.

Hand lines astrology relies on the clarity, length, and depth of the lines of your palm. The palm lines get shaped while people form a fist in their mother’s womb. The intensity of the line depends on how strongly the fist got curved. The entire procedure depends on the mental and physical health of the mother, along with the condition of the person as a fetus. The healthier the baby, the more intense the lines will be.

However, as per our palm reading services, our astrologers believe it has nothing to do with your future. For example, a weak baby with faded lines doesn't mean he/she will have a short lifespan. He/she can 100% outlive a long and healthy life. It all depends on how an individual decides to live.

The Minor Palm Lines:

Just like major, there are few minor palm lines as well. These are:

  • Sun Line: Depicts a person’s self-confidence and creativity
  • Bracelet Lines: Indicates a person’s longevity and prosperity
  • Children Lines: Determines an individual’s potential child
  • Girdle of Venus: Showcases a person’s nervousness and excitement
  • Health Line: Says about an individual’s overall health
  • Intuition Line: Depicts the intensity of an individual’s intuitive nature
  • Relationship Line: Marriage line palmistry is useful for knowing a person's affairs, relationship, and marriage prediction.
  • Ring of Jupiter: Shows an individual’s leadership qualities
  • Ring of Apollo: Hints about hindrance occurred in a person’s creativity
  • Ring of Saturn: Indicates an individual’s pessimistic nature
  • Simian Line: It is a very rare line that surfaces when the head and heart lines are absent. It even indicates the amalgamation of the two lines. Generally, people with such lines are stubborn by nature.

The Mounts on Your Palm:

There are several mounts on your palm that says a lot about your life. Such as:

  • Mount of Venus: Determines the romance, love, and passion in a person’s life
  • Mount of Jupiter: Indicates the accomplishment and power of a person
  • Mount of Saturn: Represents the responsibility and patience a person carries
  • Mount of Sun: Determines an individual’s compassion
  • Mount of Mercury: Represents the adaptability and flexibility of a person
  • Mount of Moon: Indicate a person’s creative and imaginative mind
  • Mount of Mars: Represents the strength of an individual to deal with confrontation and hassles

Palmistry has become an enthralling field of study. Apart from these several lines and mounts, the palm lines of a person depict a range of markings that has a profound meaning. Thus, contact us and reap the benefits of our palm reading services today!

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