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Horoscope 2024 Based on Your Moon Sign

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Scorpio / वृश्चिक राशि



Pluto :Scarlet, Red, Rust

Lucky Number🪶🪶?

	9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90

Yearly Horoscope🪶🪶

	According to the horoscope 2024, the coming year will be a factor of progress for the people of the Scorpio zodiac. Getting new opportunities in a career will lead to progress. On the other hand, this year is going to be good for financial matters as well. This year you are going to get happiness in your family life. Your relations with siblings will be normal. You will also get a chance to hang out with them and you will also get a chance to spend on them. You are going to get happiness from your relatives. Your rapport with these people will also remain.

For the Scorpio zodiac people, the ruling planet Mars will be in the second house with the Sun God at the beginning of the year. There will be the presence of Mercury and Venus in your zodiac sign at the beginning of the year. Jupiter will remain in Aries in your sixth house till May 1 and after entering the seventh house, it will look at your first, third, and eleventh house. If Rahu will be sitting in your fifth house, then Ketu will also be in the eleventh house. Saturn, who is the lord of your third and fourth house, will be sitting in your Aquarius sign in the fourth house throughout the year. This position of planets can change both the condition and direction of your life. You’ll get multiple opportunities to progress financially. The Scorpio Horoscope 2024 says that there will be excess expenses at the beginning of the year, which will reduce with the passing of the year and you’ll become financially stronger.

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Money & Finance Horoscope🪶🪶

Things may look a little tight at the financial front around the month of June but it will be good to pay more attention to long-term investments and savings. Some issues related to joint finances or inheritance may come to fore. The favourable impact of Jupiter could boost your immune system. However, the period around June also looks injury prone hence you are advised not to take any physical risk. Also, some wrong move can disrupt your progress in studies around the month of June. Do not worry. Concentrate and give your full attention to your studies as you have enough planetary support as the year advances. During the latter part of year, the impact of North Node can be detrimental for your career.

Jupiter’s impact may however help you to quite an extent amid some stiff challenges on the professional front. So not to worry, Mercury and Jupiter will help you around the month of September for the development of your career. 

If you are doing business, Mars will bring some good deals to enhance business prospects around the month of October. The period around the month of August will help you to get your pending dues and hence your financial strength may become stronger. 

Positive vibes will follow due to the support of Jupiter and, as a result you will be able to manage your money matters efficiently during the latter part of this year. 

Your beloved may start getting attracted to you around the month of October. However, you need to keep patience as this may happen in a slow and gradual manner, suggests Saturn.

Health Horoscope🪶🪶

Your energies will be up to the mark around the month of October and hence you will be more comfortable and confident with your health status. If you are suffering from any ailments, it will help you to recover fast. You must be careful around the month of September as your interest in studies might wane as lethargy and indulgence in entertainment will be apparent. A dip in your performance is expected here. Luckily, your mental position and concentration levels in terms of your academics is expected to be better during the latter part of year. 

A lot of things will be happening in your career around the month of December. Jupiter is likely to bring positive results in your endeavors as the year approaches its end. Also, your balance sheet shall witness financial gains gradually around the year end. If you are currently not involved with anyone, love and romance may come into your life as the year approaches its end, suggests the Venus.

Negligence regarding health can cost you dearly. You need to do physical exercise so that there is no problem with your fitness. Like- add yoga, exercise, meditation, running, morning walks, and gym to the routine. Give up laziness. Apart from this, sleep on time at night and wake up before sunrise in the morning. Also, pay special attention to your food and drink. Remember, your health is your wealth. At the beginning of the year, you have to pay more attention to your health. According to the Scorpio horoscope 2024, your health is not good. At this time you may have health-related problems. 

After this, your health will improve in April and you will get health benefits. But after this, you may have some physical pain in May and June. Your health may remain fragile. 

Career Horoscope🪶🪶

Conditions seem favorable for you for your job and business. At this time you will work hard to speed up your career. Many golden opportunities will come in front of you to move forward. Due to good work, you can get a job opportunity from a good and reputed institute. There are also possibilities of going abroad for a career. If you have these opportunities in time, then you will definitely get successful. this year, you can get some kind of achievement in your career. At this time there are chances of promotion in the job or an increase in your income is possible. you will get good results in the field of your career. At this time you will get the full support of seniors. Your actions, and thoughts will be appreciated. At this time it is better if you do not depend on your colleagues for help, because at this time they may get irritated with your success or they may take credit for your good work themselves, so be careful. You may get transferred to the job at the beginning of the year. However, you also have to take care of some things. For example, do not get involved in unnecessary controversies in the office or workplace, and pay attention to your work with full honesty. Follow the directions of the seniors and complete the work on time.

Predictions for Scorpio Employees in Job / Service Sector
If you are expecting a transfer, then the influence of Jupiter will also give the expected result in 2024. A rise in salary or new sources of income generation are highly likely.This year will help you to build new and positive professional relationships.There will be a good number of resources that will help you to execute your task on time. Your creative approach and ideas will bring success.

Career Transformations and Changes
Between January to May 2024, there are possibilities of changes in job. There will be chances of abroad related opportunities as indicated by 2024 Scorpio career predictions.

Period of Progression & Growth
There will be positive and supportive circumstances in your career from May to October. It will help you expand your professional circle and learn new skills and update your professional skills during this period.

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Love Horoscope 🪶🪶

his year you will get a lot of opportunities to romance your love partner and your relationship will get stronger. If you are unmarried, chances of a love marriage will be made. You will share your heart with your beloved. There will be coordination between the two. You can go on a pleasant trip with them, you can also take your partner on a long drive. For entertainment, you can go to the cinema with them and have lunch and dinner together. There will be an exchange of gifts between the two in February. 

Whereas in April and May, you will get very good results. But the time is not right for love affairs. During this, any misunderstanding can spoil your relationship. At this time, do not put any kind of pressure on your partner, nor doubt them unnecessarily. At this time, there can be a small debate between you two about something, but if you increase the matter, then the results will not be good.

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