Libra / तुला राशि


Venus :Blue, Green

Lucky Number

6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60


Your ability to experiment may prove to be a boon for you. Experimentation is a quality that may make you stand out in the crowd, predicts Libra Horoscope 2022. To innovate new ideas for the growth of the organisation or even one self’s experimentation is essential. It is an integral part of growth. Around the mid of the year, Mars would be transiting in your tenth house of cancer, and hence there would be lots of gains owing to career. Jupiter would bless you with the relocation of promotion that has been your own for quite some time now. The moon North node Rahu in the eighth house might bring about unwanted expenses, be cautious of your financial spending these days. Saturn in your fourth house might create some disturbance in your family's welfare and happiness occasionally. Your love prospectus will be better this year as compared to last year.


You may find yourself taking brilliant risks that make a splash and reveal more of who you are and the journey of discovering yourself. More and more people may approach you for your guidance without you even expecting it. This may make your days and mind busy, and you may go through a pleasant situation altogether. Still, you may have to be cautious about the same, especially during the second half of the year. In the second half of the year, expenditure might be high; hence you have to be cautious and Focus on saving more. From January to April flow of funds will be continuous. A new source of income may not come for you this year. It helps keep a check on your expenditure as much as possible during this year.


The year 2022 may have many messages for you this year. This year you may see an excellent flow of income through most times of the year, and you may enjoy the peak of money flow in August. However, the first quarter of the year needs you to be a bit cautious as there may be an increase in expenditure, and unavoidable expenses are predicted. Diseases related to digestion and viral infections affect your health which won’t last for a long time. There are also chances of injury for you this year; hence you need to exercise and take complete control over your body fitness and weight. Try activities of your choice to maintain good mental health and avoid stress.


it would be quite an average year from a career perspective for the Libra natives. Libra-born corporate workers may have an average to a good year in their career. You can expect a promotion during the first few months. The second half may be pretty challenging at your workspace; hence it is advised to keep good relations with co-workers and seniors. You may have been uncomfortable and shy in public or may even have experienced social anxiety. This year, you may become aware of anxiety and may even counter it back. You may instantly get aware whenever you feel anxious. Astrology Libra 2022 says that you may find the courage to deal with your anxiety. You may look at different ways how you could calm down the stress. 2022 is the year you tell your brain you are the one who manages it and not the other way round. What also would be of immense help for you in this journey would be meditation, folks.


Some initially disturbing communications with someone you are romantically inclined to may have an intense impact on you. As a result, you may feel down and depressed as things may not be going according to your expectations. Don’t let this make you lazy or demotivate you. You have to understand that not everything ever goes according to the plan because God has a much better plan than ours. Someone is custom-made for you in this world, and you may find that diamond at the right time and right place. this year will bring the family closer. Relations with family and community should improve, and you will feel well disposed towards them or in the local community. Some of you may have the odds to improve your home and keep your environment happy, making it more attractive.