Pisces / मीन राशि


The Neptune :Mauve, Lilac, Purple, Violet, Sea green

Lucky Number

3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 34, 43, 52


The year 2021 may bring mixed results for the natives of Pisces zodiac sign. This year, where on the one hand you will get immense success in some areas of life, struggles are also predicted in others, where precautions are advised to be taken. 2021 seems to be favourable for Pisces natives in terms of their career. However, you will have to maintain a good relationship with seniors at a high position at your workplace. From a monetary as well as academic point of view, the year can be full of ups and downs. However, their family life will remain really good. Based on your willingness, you can make a good profit by buying and selling a property. Apart from this, you or your family can also earn a good income by renting your house. Children of these natives who are either working or studying are likely to get tremendous benefits. In terms of health, the year 2021 is expected to be quite good for the Pisces natives. You will remain in good shape, however, this doesn’t mean that act carelessly and give up on your good eating habits. Caution is still advised.


There are possibilities of both profit and loss during this period. However, you may get ample of opportunities which might beget beneficial results.Planetary positions suggest that your innovative ideas may lead you to gains and you might be able to make good money. You may have to put lots of efforts in order to earn good money and you may succeed in it. All your hard work will surely fetch you fruitful results.You may get new sources of income. During this time you may get some unexpected profit, but you need to stay alert while taking decisions in money related matters. You may take a loan around this time.Be careful while lending money to others, suggests 2021 Forecast for Pisces zodiac sign. There might be a good cash flow, but undesired expenses may trouble you. So, keep a check on your expenditure.Time seems not so good for any investment during January to March. But after March, some really good options may appear and your financial position might get strengthened. Also, you may earn through unfair means like betting and lotteries during this time.Time is not favorable for any partnership because there are chances of risk and forgery too. After September 25th, Jupiter will move into your 8th House. This will bring prosperity to your spouse, partner or lover. Your spouse or partner will be generous with you. It shows an ability to both make and pay off debt. It shows increases in the credit line and the ready availability of outside capital. Professional investors should look at bonds and the bond market for profit opportunities.Mars will rule the second house of your sign, linked with finance. Thus, Mars will play a vital role in matters related to finance. Mars will be going to enter its sign of constellation Capricorn around mid-March. Mars will then aspect your second house.


Your carelessness might land you in unexpected trouble.Some major health issues are expected this year. You are likely to stuck with a hectic schedule throughout the year and this would be the reason of your lack of fitness fitness, as you may skip your meals and unable to take proper rest.As per your horoscope, you might feel stressed, pressurized and some physical tiredness may prevail upon you during this time. Your workaholic nature and wrong eating habits would be causing some serious problems like intestinal infection.Health needs more watching in the year ahead as some long-term planets are in stressful alignment and with you 6th House of Health for the most part empty, there is a chance that you will ignore this area.With the Sun as your Health Ruler, the heart always needs special care, too. As most of you already know, there are many natural and drugless ways to do this. Since the Sun will move through all the Signs and Houses of your Horoscope in any given year, your health needs and workable therapies can vary month to month. Healing can come from a variety of areas and in a variety of ways. A therapy that was effective one month might not be effective in another month, as your health needs have changed. We will discuss this further in the monthly forecasts.All Solar Eclipses tend to have health consequences for you though not necessarily bad ones. This is because the Sun is your Health Planet but still it is wise to take a reduced schedule during the period of these eclipses of April 19th and October 14th. Your energy is not up to its usual standards at these times.You still seem very much involved in the health of your spouse, lover or partner. Spiritually orientated methods seem most effective.


You are expected to get support of your higher authorities but they might keep a check on you throughout the year. So, be careful.At work, natives of Pisces zodiac sign need to be more focused especially during April to September. Throughout the year, a hectic schedule might keep you stuck and you may become workaholic. But after October and things are likely to move in your favor.Astrology for Pisces in 2021says that some good opportunities may come to your way at professional front. But you are just to stay alert and watch your steps especially during mid of December till end of the year.Avoid disputes and arguments with your seniors, because it may land you in trouble. Also, control over your anger, especially during January to March.Some long journeys are on cards and you may go abroad because of your work purpose during May. Time is good for natives working in MNCs. There are strong indications of promotion along with a handsome salary.In business, some ups and downs are expected this year. Time is not favorable for partnership, but if already you have a business partner then you may not get good results. Don't trust anyone blindly in financial matters.Time in year 2021 is very significant for students. The year demands special and extra attention in studies to get expected results. Initially, you might feel lazy and believe in shortcuts.Also, you may apply tricks in studies to get success. But remember that there are no shortcuts for success. It demands hard work and determination.Some educational hurdles may trouble you like lack of concentration and weak memory. But you need not get too concerned about them.


ou need to stay cautious during this period, because chances are high of some misunderstandings around this time. So, be careful with your words otherwise wrong speech may ruin your your relationship.Avoid suspecting your partner for unnecessary reasons and prevent yourself from any argument with your love partner. Keep transparency in your relationship and trust each other. Also, give some space to each other in order to enjoy a good love life.During February and March, and thereafter during September and November, there are chances of indulging in sensual activities. You might plan many trips with your lover in a bid to improve your strained relation and eventually you may succeed in it.By the end of the year, indicateslove horoscope 2021for Pisces, things may be on track and your mutual understanding will increase and get better. Also, there might be intimacy in your relationship and both are expected to support each other.By the end of the year, indicateslove horoscope 2021for Pisces, things may be on track and your mutual understanding will increase and get better. Also, there might be intimacy in your relationship and both are expected to support each other.Jupiter's transit through your 7th House of Love and Marriage is showing great social expansion, a happy (and profitable) social life and marriage or marriage opportunities in the year ahead.Marriage or a serious relationship is definitely there for you but the question is whether it is advisable. Uranus in your 1st House is definitely complicating your social life for it gives great urges for 'personal freedom'. It gives a dislike for commitment and often it makes the personal and social life unstable. Hard to manage a serious relationship if you are never in one place for too long and don't know where you'll be from month to month or week to week.