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Horoscope 2024 Based on Your Moon Sign

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Capricorn / मकर राशि



Saturn :Brown, Steel, Grey, Black

Lucky Number🪶🪶?

	1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 22, 26

Yearly Horoscope🪶🪶

	Venus is likely to bring some good opportunities for growth and gain in the beginning of this year. Some complicated issues may keep bothering you due to the impact of North Node but if you have your basics right, you may eventually get the success that you always deserve. Mercury's impact suggests that you may need to review or recreate your financial plan. Gradually, your efforts might bring positive results and financial gain. But refrain from borrowing or lending as the impact of North Node indicates a somewhat tricky time around the end of February.

Capricorn Horoscope 2024, You will learn and move forward in life with amazing abilities. You will learn by discovering new things about life and yourself. There will be some problems, but it is not so difficult to control everything in your life. Eventually, you'll approach everything with positivity, and you'll go much further from it. Success in your life in business, finance, and career will be guaranteed. You will grow more in this area, but there will be some things you need to be careful about, and for other factors in life, you may find it difficult to deal with them. But by the end of the year, everything will fall into the right place in your life.

Saturn, the lord of your money, i.e. second house, has been ruling Capricorn since the beginning of the year. It will remain seated in its second house's zodiac sign and will boost your financial condition. It will not fail you in any challenge and will always be there for you. You will not face any financial difficulties. According to Capricorn Horoscope 2024, Jupiter will make your family life happy and will also help you advance in your job by lingering in your fourth house until May 1, when he will go to your fifth house and provide happiness to your children.

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Money & Finance Horoscope🪶🪶

Mercury and Venus will increase your eleventh house, and being present there will improve your income day by day. Your financial position will be robust, and Saturn in the second house will highlight your tendency to amass riches owing to its own sign Aquarius, as a result of which your fortune will be accumulated. Although Mars and the Sun will be in your twelfth house at the start of the year, which will generate expenses, they will begin to decrease in February.

This year will bring you a lot of money. On May 1, Jupiter will leave the fourth home and enter the fifth, from where it will aspect your ninth, eleventh, and first houses, i.e. your zodiac sign, which will aid you in balancing your financial status and finances.

There is a possibility of an increase in your expenses this year, while there is less possibility of an increase in income. However, you are very likely to make financial gains from international relations. The first of the year will strengthen you financially. At this time money will come to you and sources of income will also increase. However, you will have to keep a check on your expenses as well, only then your financial side will be able to come in a strong position. Your expenses may increase in domestic work. Apart from this, your pocket will also be loose in buying electronic items. Before taking financial decisions, do take advice from experienced people about it and then go and take any step. There will be an increase in the property of the house, but there can be some kind of dispute in this regard. In such a situation, do not pursue the matter further, otherwise, if there is a legal dispute, you may suffer a big financial loss. 

Health Horoscope🪶🪶

Your immune system and vitality will remain good but there is also the possibility of digestion problems around the month of October. Use the period around the month of November to review and revise your monetary strategies. The period from around the month of October is indicative of favourable impact on relationship and matters related to love. Venus seems suitable for love relationship. If you are waiting to get a nod from the person of their choice may get so around the month of November. The period around the month of November will be a good phase to learn new subjects and develop your skills which will enable you to make progress in future. However, you might face some difficulty to keep up your health to usual scale during the first half of December. But as the year approaches its end, your health may remain good and your productivity and fitness is likely to increase. The period around the end of this year may prove to be much better for your career. If you are doing business, you may also get better opportunities for growth and gain.

This year is not very favorable in terms of your health. Your health will be fine. At this time you will feel energetic but till then you may have to face health-related problems. You may have some physical pain. Such as eye disorders, insomnia problems, joint pain, stomach-related diseases, etc. Do yoga and exercise to keep yourself fit this year and if you have any physical problems, consult a doctor immediately. You may feel weak at this time. You will feel tired even while working. Your body may lack energy. Apart from this, some kind of restlessness is possible in the mind. If you are suffering from any disease, then at this time you need to pay more attention to your health. If the doctor has advised you to avoid eating something, then follow it and do not consume such a thing which will harm your health even more. Eat only healthy food. Do not eat stale, fast food, fried food, etc. There should be no shortage of water in the body, so drink a sufficient amount of water. 

Career Horoscope🪶🪶

You can expect a successful career. At the beginning of the year, the lord of your sign, Saturn, who is also the lord of the second house, will be sitting in the second house and will aspect your eleventh house from there, and Jupiter, the god Jupiter, will be in the fourth house and will have a complete aspect at your tenth house, which will result in good job results. You will work hard and be able to meet and exceed the standards of your work. This will boost your confidence, and you will understand your responsibilities to the company you work for.

Your career will shine this year. There will be a success in the job business. You will get good results in your career from the beginning of the year. You can get good results from hard work. If you are doing a job, then you will get a promotion or you will get encouragement from the company. Will bring much good news for you. You will progress in the business. You may get transferred. The company can send you to the place of your choice. You can go abroad. At this time you will work efficiently in your field of work. Your plans will benefit the company and you can rise in stature in the organization. You can be seen in the role of a multi-tasker this year. You will establish good relations with colleagues and senior officers in the organization. Their support will take you forward. On the other hand, those who are doing partnerships in business will need to be a little careful. Do not trust your partner more than necessary. 

Predictions for Capricorn Employees in Job / Service Sector
The career opportunities will be strong and progressive this year and you will gain a good name and reputation.You will get excellent results for your efforts, as you are hardworking and dedicated.You might develop some differences with your superiors or colleagues but will rectify it with your stable approach and communication which will clear any existing doubts.You will be appreciated by your superiors and will benefit from it, if in a government job.You will have to make calculative efforts to take constructive decisions during the period of retrograde Jupiter in 2024.

Career Transformations and Changes
Rahu- Ketu or Dragon’s head / tail axis in the house of courage and luck will give you clarity and working efficiency to accomplish your task and you competitors will admire your strong potential.Mercury is the lord of your job prospects and will frequently retrograde this year which indicates that these periods will pose some issues due to miscommunications and lack of efficiency, but you will overcome all obstacles with patience and intelligent efforts on the work front.

Period of Progression & Growth
Ther will be opportunities for taking up crucial work responsibilities in the second half of the year. Your action-oriented approach during this period could lead to a promotion, and recognition from your superiors, as per 2024 Capricorn career predictions.

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Love Horoscope 🪶🪶

Your love life will be exciting. If you want to make your love partner your life partner, then your wish can be fulfilled this year. Your relationship will be strong this year. Your closeness with your lover will increase. Apart from this, both of you may feel incomplete without each other. Your communication with your beloved will increase. Both of you will enjoy your company a lot. Will have to go to a party together. This year will be a good time for your love life. This year the partner will understand your feelings and will appreciate you. You also keep trust in him and do not let his trust break. Many such occasions will come in which the love of both of you will deepen even more. Although there can be minor disputes with the partner. Don't doubt your love and don't put any condition on love. 

Venus is likely to bring joy and harmony in your love life and relationship in general. If you are in committed relation, the period around the end of January will be good to take the relationship to the next level. Your love life will be exciting but, at times your stubborn approach is likely to make your relationship vulnerable during the month of February. A new relationship is likely to be formed, somewhere around the middle of February. Your creativity will be on high but, your lack of concentration may cause problems in education, indicates Mercury. Saturn will force you to bring more discipline in your life to improve your results in exams. Mars indicates that there may be some fluctuations in your health status around the month of February so you must avoid extremes at emotional or physical levels.

However, you need to keep a close watch on your productivity and performance around the month of March so that you can earn better place and appreciation in your career. Saturn indicates some unexpected expenses around the month of April which might disturb your financial planning to an extent. Due to the impact of North Node, your interactions with your beloved ones may become somewhat difficult around the month of April. Planets may help you strengthen your financial status from around June. The impact of Jupiter will direct towards high productivity and better performance in your studies as the year advances. Venus indicates that you may also make good progress by taking part in cultural and other activities around the month of May.

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