Aries / मेष राशि


Mars,Scarlet, Red

Lucky Number

9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72


You are likely to increase your expenditure in 2022. Why not use it in the right direction? You can try investing in some property or valuable asset. That would be a perfect option rather than spending blindly on various worthless stuff. You can also make your ways of expanding your income source through various valuable assets such as investing in Gold, Diamond, Property, or other bank schemes that may get you a good revenue within some time frame. In April, Jupiter in Pisces may bring opportunities for increased wealth and prosperity. Exciting adventures will expand your horizons and broaden your outlook on life. In May, Venus in Aries would be one of the best time periods for your love life, as you will feel beautiful and popular than usual. In June, Mars and Jupiter conjunction is the perfect time for starting anything new that requires energy, initiative, and courage. Physical strength will be heightened, and also your instinct for how and when to start something. You will have the self-confidence to achieve major success.


unexpected profits are possible in the month of April. Money will come easily and intelligently if invested smartly. However, in 2022, Aries expects a lot of unnecessary expenses: entertainment and fun, travel desires, useless purchases, and gifts. Remember, as you have good investment options, invest money with your eyes open. The more you support, the more you would earn throughout the year.


Aries native should have a healthy year with no prolonged illness if taken proper care of and followed a healthy diet. You are likely to be happy and mentally peaceful. We would suggest that you make quite a significant change in your lifestyle, or popping pills is what you are looking forward to, which is not an option to lead the future. Instead, try to maintain a healthy diet and make sure you exercise regularly. You can try to do light stretching or even join a gym to maintain fitness. Health should be your topmost priority. But, make sure you don’t take it lightly. If a medical check-up is advised, try not to skip the check-up and make sure you are up to date with it.


The most auspicious time for active action and making important decisions is from mid-May to October. The month of November and December will slow down the energy of the Aries natives. They may have troubles: unreliable partners let them down, personnel or financial problems will begin. It is advised not to take any kind of loans, investing money, making large spending, or signing important contracts. It is better for the natives of the sign to stop, rest and think about plans for the future. A year to learn & implement the strategy of savings. You are likely to expand more sources of income this year. Make sure you manage your expenditure wisely. Newly passed out students may start earning this year onwards. Your motto must be ‘Spend with Care.’ Make no mistake about saving money this year.


try not to hurry and rush to tie the nuptial knot. Instead, take some quality time to understand each other. And when giving any commitment, be extra careful. Make sure you recite this before you make any decision. Please speak to your parents, your friends and ask them for their opinion. If you still feel confused, try to write down your feelings and then go back to it after a week, just a suggestion that you can try. Sensuality in couples may increase. Romantic gestures from partners are expected. For singles, you may get married to your loved ones this year. Couples may possibly have a few conflicts and confrontations along with their partner, however, mutual goodwill and understanding will resolve any minor or most important crises.