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Vedic Day is MONDAY

Worshipped Lord is Lord Shiva

🌡️Lord Shiva

Suggested Stone For MONDAY



🌡️Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva . On this day, he is worshipped along with his consort goddess Parvati. Though, of course, as is the custom, Lord Ganesha is venerated right at the beginning of the worship. Devotees also listen to Shiva Bhajans on this day.

🌡️The 'Somvar Vrat' or Monday fast is observed from sunrise till sunset and the devotee partakes of the food only after saying his evening prayer. Fasting on Mondays in the month of Shravan is considered even more auspicious. Hindus believe that observing a fast or 'upvaas' on Mondays will satisfy Lord Shiva who will grant them wisdom and fulfill all their desires. In some places, unmarried girls and spinsters keep fast to be blessed with an ideal husband.

Mantra For MONDAY

🌡️Om Namah Shivaya and Siva devotees also read Shiva Purana

Color of the Day (MONDAY)


Puja time on MONDAY

🌡️10-30 AM to 12-00 PM

How to do fast on MONDAY

🌡️Somavar Vrat begins from sunrise on Monday. Usually those devotees observing the Vrat visit a Lord Shiva temple in the morning and in the evening. If this is not possible prayers are offered at home. White color dress is worn by those observing the fast. White flowers are also offered to the Shivling. A single meal is taken on the day after midday. Those observing partial fast take fruits or Sabudana Khichadi. In the evening a story related to Somavar Vrat is listened to or read by those observing the fast. Apart from white flowers, people also offer Bilva leaves or Bil patra while doing the puja. The mantra that is chanted is Om Namah Shivaya… The fast ends on the next day morning after usual prayers and rituals. When Amavasi, or no moon day, falls on Monday it is considered highly auspicious and the day is known as Somvati Amavas.

Planet of the day is MONDAY

🌡️The Moon (Chandra) rules Monday.