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Love Astrology

Astrology can be used to analyze love relationships in a number of ways. Some of the most common factors that astrologers look at include: 🌱The sun signs of the two people involved: The sun sign is said to represent the basic personality of a person, so it can give some indication of how they are likely to approach love and relationships. 🌱The moon signs of the two people involved: The moon sign is said to represent the emotional needs of a person, so it can give some indication of what they are looking for in a partner. 🌱The Venus signs of the two people involved: Venus is the planet of love and beauty, so its placement in the natal chart can give some indication of how a person expresses their love and what they find attractive in a partner. 🌱The Mars signs of the two people involved: Mars is the planet of action and aggression, so its placement in the natal chart can give some indication of how a person approaches sex and conflict in relationships. 🌱The houses that the planets of love and relationships are placed in: The houses in the natal chart represent different areas of life, so the placement of the planets of love and relationships can give some indication of how these matters are likely to play out in the relationship. The aspects between the planets of love and relationships: The aspects between planets are the angles that they make to each other, and they can indicate how the different energies of the planets interact.

Find dating clues in your 5th House of Romance

🌱Love begins in the 5th House of Romance in your chart. This is the place of fun and pleasure. The 5th house rules romance and giving love. This is where we take a chance in life and gamble. Any planets that are in your 5th house will offer more details about your love potential. Don't have a planet in your 5th house? Not to worry -- you're not meant to be lonely. Your 5th house story just takes a bit more digging. You'll need to look to the planet that rules the sign on the cusp of your 5th house for more information.

Analysis of the ninth house

🌱The ninth house from the fifth house is also considered to be the fifth house. When the planet or the lord of the ninth house sitting in this house undergoes the dasha phase, then also the native establishes a love relationship.

Mars rules your sex drive

🌱MARS🌱 - will show the broad task of the Romance. Speaking of romantic love, invariably it will lead to sex. Before you have sex, however, you need to desire a person. That desire is where Mars enters the picture. This warrior planet is not only about action, it rules your libido. In a woman's chart, Mars symbolizes the type of person she's physically attracted to, whereas in a man's chart Mars will tell us all we need to know about how he shakes his tail feathers and attracts a potential paramour his way. In either gender Mars will tell the story of how the person is aroused. Mars is what turns you on, pure and simple! Eventually, the love that begins in the 5th House of Romance might become more than a casual fling or dating fun. Love may blossom into commitment, and once it does it becomes a 7th House of Partnership matter. When love enters the domain of the 7th house, something interesting happens. Love gets deeper. Much deeper.

Planets in Love Relationships

🌱Out of all these dasha, the dasha of Venus is considered to be the best and most favourable in terms of love and marriage. Venus is the karaka of intimacy and relationships. A person with Venus dasha feels attracted to the opposite sex and have high chances of establishing relationships. Similarly, Moon is the karaka of mind and heart. During the dasha of Moon the person establishes the relationships out of curiosity. With the dasha of Rahu, the native gets easily swayed by the gestures of opposite sex and ultimately falls in love. Rahu is not aware of the good and bads, and thus the person with this dasha falls blindly in love with anyone who attracts him/her without considering the good and bad aspects of it. This can lead to relationships in different castes and culture as well. Likewise, Mercury is also considered to be the karak of intelligence. In the dasha of Mercury, the person starts feeling playful and often end up into getting a relationships.

The Timing Of An Affair

🌱The Dasha of any one planet that is causing the predisposition to affairs is usually the trigger for a relationship. A transit or Antardasha can be used to narrow down the time window. Most love affairs start in the Dasha of Mercury, Venus, Rahu or Moon. Mercury makes the person’s intelligence overactive and they become restless. This restlessness and dissatisfaction lead the person to an affair. Venus is the natural significator of love and romance and it is obvious that this Dasha would be the start of more romantic inclinations in the person. 🌱Rahu amplifies the desire for all unconventional things and clouds the emotions and judgement of the person. It also creates a series of wants and desires that never seem to be satisfactorily fulfilled. The Moon is the seat of emotions. The Moon Dasha makes a person more emotional than otherwise and if the Moon is weak it can result in affairs. 🌱Sometimes a difficult transit puts pressure on relationships. This can cause either an affair or a break-up that leads to the next relationship. The prime example of this is the Sade-Sati transit of Saturn that is notorious for playing havoc with a person’s life.

The End Result Of An Affair

🌱Ideally, an affair would result in a happy marriage for life. When there is a connection between the 5th house of romance and the 7th house of marriage, this relationship can culminate in a marriage. However, in a union triggered by the strong influence of a Dasha, the change of the Dasha to the next can end the relationship. The sub-periods of the Dasha also have a role to play. Sometimes we can see that the chart shows a tendency for multiple relationships. This may create a pattern of serial monogamy in the period that indicates an affair. The continual dissatisfaction with partnership leads to multiple relationships. No Dasha or transit can trigger an event that is not indicated in the birth chart.

The Moon illuminates our emotional needs

🌱The Moon is also quite important when we speak of love. The Moon rules our deepest need -- what we crave. We all crave love, but the Moon will tell us how we need to be nurtured. 🌱In a woman's chart the Moon is an important indicator of what she needs in order to feel most attuned to her feminine self. In a man's chart, the Moon suggests qualities he needs emotionally more than anything else from a significant other.

Mercury: The key to communication

🌱🌱Finally, what's love without communication? If you can't talk about love and express your feelings, well, love may have a more difficult time reaching you. Look to your Mercury placement for clues on what you think about most and how you best interconnect with others. In the end, however, love is a universal language. Venus may be the key to love, but remember she's not the entire story.

Yogas for love relationships according to the placement of planets

🌱Some planets also naturally propel the person towards a love affair when their dasha is running. Mercury is the Karak planet of intelligence. Your mind becomes restless duringthe Dasha of Mercury. Therefore, there is a strong possibility of falling in love during its Dasha. 🌱The Dasha of Rahu acts as a catalyst for love. The relationships established in this dashabegin quickly and may be passionate, but they do not last for a long time. Rahu does not know the difference between right and wrong. Hence, a person becomes confused in the Dasha of Rahu.Venus is considered the Karak planet of love. A person is in search and need of love in the Dasha of Venus. Moon is the Karak planet for the mind and heart. It is also considered a restless planet. Therefore, a person’s mind and heart become restless andthere is a strong possibility of falling in love during the dasha of Moon too

Combinations for establishing or breaking up of more than one love relationships

🪹Venus is the known to be the Karak planet of love. If Venus is in its debilitated sign in the Kundali, then the person is likely to have more than one love relationships in his life. More than one relationships are also established, if Saturn and Venus have a relationship with each other in any form in the Navansh or Janma Kundali. 🌱The possibility of having more than one relationship becomes strong when the relationship between Venus and Saturn is formed in the sixth or twelfth house.A person will have multiple love affairs if a debilitated Venus is placed with Mars in a Navansh and Janma Kundali. It is also possible if both of them are placed in each other's sign. 🌱If Venus and Mars are placed in each other's signs in the Navansh Kundali then too this can happen. The number of relationships may be more than one if Venus is placed only in Navamansh of Mars or Mars is placed only in Navamansh of Venus