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Past Life Karmas with Astrology

What is Karma? Karma has been understood in various ways since Vedic times: The most basic as per our Vedas is a person's action or deeds in present or previous birth. These actions are believed to decide their destiny or fate in all the birth. Some people say that it is not just your physical action but also your intentions, thought process and emotions. And as we take birth our past life karmas also get ingrained into our present life. Hence to put it simply, it is our Karmas that get etched or recorded in the cells or memories.

The Karmas
The concept of past life karma is a complex one, and there is no one definitive answer to the question of how it can be studied through astrology. However, there are some astrologers who believe that it is possible to gain insights into past life karma by looking at the natal chart. The natal chart is a map of the heavens at the time of a person's birth. It is said to represent the person's astrological blueprint, and it can be used to understand their personality, strengths and weaknesses, and life path.

The Planets position

The Planets position at the time of birth results in our karmas or nature of actions we perform in life. And as we leave one birth we carry a certain prerecorded set of karmas to the next birth. This could also be an incomplete task from previous birth. However, the soul in transit can take the next birth only when according to his karmic deeds planetary alignment takes place. And thus the soul again carries the same Karma to the next birth.

There are three types of Karma

Sanchita Karma -
These are the accumulated deeds from your previous birth. Something which is over and stored in your Karmic account to be utilised.
Prarabdha Karma -
Present birth karma resulting from past life deeds or Sanchita Karma. Basically, it manifests your current life experiences or actions. When it comes under the influence of your past life karma or planetary positions at the time of birth.
Agami Karma -
The Karma which we create in prevailing life will have repercussions on the future birth karma or destiny or actions. So ongoing actions propel all your future birth Karma or action.

Karmic indicators in the map

Atmakaraka (AK) - will show the broad task of the soul. Retrograde planets - show unfinished business and unfinished lessons of the past. Dig-bala - shows where a person needs to invest his energy to realize the potential inherent in him, and from which areas to take it. Burning - talks about what qualities of a person will require a complete transformation in this life. Vargottama is an indicator of personality development. It is formed if the Lagna or planet falls into the same sign in Rasi and Navamsa. Pushkara navamsa - bestows luck, and helps to overcome negative events during the periods of the planets in them. Gandanta - shows that in the spheres of this planet, there will be a transformation of materialistic energy into spiritual energy, getting rid of suffering according to its indicators. Nicha planet - the planet is “deprived” of strength so as not to aggravate the situation, since in a past life a person was abused according to the indicators of this planet. Through the planets forming fall-offs, there is the possibility of restoration and transformation. Planetary war - a planet that "loses" in the war must return the "debts" for past deeds.

Our Existing Life Problems Linked With Past Lives?

Vedic astrology is associated with Hindu precept and this protocol of astrology talks about past lives and collected karmas of prior lives which get embodied in problems of the existing life. It is understood that the dasa procedure arranged in Vedic astrology.The role of past lives in existing crises and resurgence of souls is a controversial subject in many beliefs. However, the resurrection of souls is an important belief in Vedic astrology is associated to Hindu assumption and this procedure of astrology conversations about past lives and collected karmas of prior lives which get embodied in dilemmas of the existing life. Vedic Astrology is established on the belief of karma and in the notion of Moksha.

Curses From Past Life

The "Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra" which is one of the greatly reputable astrological treatises provides a long list of curses of before lives which affect someones in the current life. Generally, such afflictions affect the birth of a kid in the household. Multiple of the afflictions have been shortly characterized below. 🪹Curses of snakes: This indication in the chart by the ordering and situation of Rahu. The impacts of such orderings are childlessness, anxiety from serpents and serpent bites. This problem originates because of the murder of serpents before lives. The crucial house to be glimpsed for this objective is the 5th house. 🪹Curses of father: The arrangement and situation of the key planet Sun in the chart are significant to comprehend this affliction. This may be as an outcome of harms done to father or because of the hardship of souls of ancestors. The outcomes are childlessness, uncomfortable connections with father in recent life, the untimely loss of a father and absence of satisfaction from father. The pertinent houses to be contemplated are the 5th, 9th and the 10th. 🪹Curses of mother: The ordering and situation of the key planet Moon demonstrate this affliction. This may be expected to ill-treatment mother in a before life. The outcomes are childlessness, crises from mother, suffering from mother, the untimely loss of mother etc. Effects on the 4th house and the fifth house in the horoscope necessity to be assessed to discern this. 🪹Curses of brother: The domain which shows the younger brother is Mars and planet which exhibits the elder brother is Guru. Therefore, the arrangement and situation of Mars and Jupiter clench the key in comprehending this affliction. The results are childlessness, the hard connection of brother and sisters, difficulties from brothers and lack of generous associations with brother etc. The related houses are the 3rd for younger, fifth and the eleventh for an elder in the chart. 🪹Curses of motherly relations: The key realm that indicates motherly relatives is Mercury. Saturn is also significant. The arrangement of Mercury and Saturn clench the clue to comprehending this affliction. The outcome of this affliction can be childlessness and hard relationship with motherly relations. The position of the fifth house is significant. 🪹Curses of Guru: The key realm that indicates the religious individual is Jupiter. The ordering and situation of Jupiter are critical in knowing this affliction. The impacts can be childlessness, problems from instructors, grief and common disappointment in life etc. The situation of the 9th house and the position of the ninth lord are significant. 🪹Curses of the spouse (or female): The main planet that exhibits spouse is Venus. The ordering and situation of Venus in the horoscope are crucial to realizing this affliction. The impact can be childlessness, the problem in getting matrimonial, crises from spouse or women, the chance of divorce, difficulty from women etc. The most significant house to be contemplated is the seventh house. 🪹Curses of cruel spirits: The key domains which show bad feelings are Rahu and Ketu. The order and situation of Rahu and Ketu in the chart are significant to comprehend this. The impacts may be childlessness, fear from unusual and fear of mirages. The situations of Moon, Saturn, the fifth bhav and the fifth lord are a significant reflection.

How can We know past life karmas from horoscope or natal chart?

What is Karma? Karma is your ‘karm’, it is your actions, thoughts and intentions. The Hindu God of Justice Chitragupta (also known as Dharamraj) keeps complete records of every human being’s Karma during their time on Earth. Based on these records the destination of the soul is decided. A. Karma and Actions 🪹1. Nishkama Karma / Karma yoga / the Discipline of Action : karma that is performed for the welfare of others without attachment. 🪹2. Yoga : it is for one’s own self B. Karma and Thoughts Thoughts and actions are divided into three categories: Sattwic, Rajasic and Tamasic. Sattwic thoughts are the ones that a person should aspire towards, Rajasic and Tamasic state of being should be avoided. 🪹1. Sattwic: Thoughts that are righteous, pure and inclined towards knowledge are called ‘Sattwic’. This state of being is attained by following ‘karma yoga’ and living without attachment. Actions done here are for the greater good and within the confines of Dharma. 🪹2. Rajasic : thoughts that are geared towards action, the future, greed and activity are called ‘Rajasic’. It is a very ‘I’ centered state of being where the individual is primary and should always be first, desires should always be met but desires are also insatiable. 🪹3. Tamasic: thoughts that learn towards maleficence, evil, and ill-will are called ‘Tamasic’. In Ancient Hindu texts this state of being was usually seen in ‘rakshas’ and ‘daityas’. It is a state of being where you let life happen to you, it is a life of inaction/inactivity. Types of Karma 🪹1. Sanchita Karma: It is the sum of all our karma in previous lifetimes. 🪹2. Praarabdha Karma: the portion of Sanchita Karma which will present itself in this lifetime. It is the agreed upon karmic debt of the lifetime you are experiencing right now. The faster you work on your karma in this lifetime the more past life debts will keep unraveling until all of Sanchita Karma is dissolved. It is very difficult to experience all past life karmas in one lifetime, therefore we keep having rebirths to burn away our Sanchita Karma. 🪹3. Aagami Karma: It is the Karmic Map that is coming as a result of the merits and demerits of present actions of your current birth. Karma that is created by actions in the present life and will be added to your Sanchita Karma. 🪹4. Kriyamana Karma: Daily and instant karma created in this lifetime and that we crate in our life because of our free actions. Kriyamana is the most intense form of karma, the one we see in our daily lives, where we have immediate consequences. Karma and Hindu Astrology / Vedic Astrology The first facet taught to any novice astrologer, for without karma the purpose of Vedic Astrology is naught.

Brief overview of the planets and their link to Karma:

Planets and Karma: 🪹Sun: It represents your father, an authority figure. If Sun is well placed you will receive respect and be treated with dignity, if it is weak or malefic your father in this birth might face problems, your relationship with the father and authority figures might be problematic. You could even get into trouble with the government. If your Sun is good it is because you treated the karakas/significations of Sun with due respect in the past life. If it is bad then there may have been issues with your father /authority figure in the past life. 🪹🪹- Pitru Dosha - it is a strong indicator of past life misdeeds and the sufferings of your ancestors. This dosha occurs when Sun is malefic / is with a malefic / placed in a house that is malefic. Pitru Dosha can be removed only through three generations of prayers for the peace of your ancestors. It is not a curse of the ancestors, it is their bad karma troubling them in the afterlife and you were specially selected by them to pray for their relief. 🪹Moon represents your mother, your mind, your emotional resilience, how lonely you will be (Kemdrum yoga) or how you can be in touch with rich and powerful people (Gaj Kesari yoga). Depending on your past life if you ill-treated your mother your dynamic with her in this life will not be good, if there were good karmas then the relationship with her will be excellent. 🪹🪹- Matru Dosha - like Pitru dosha remedies and prayers are done for the maternal lineage. 🪹Jupiter - Guru/teacher/knowledge/wisdom/religion/spirituality/marriage. 🪹Venus - Wife / women / art/ beauty / luxury / attraction 🪹Mars - younger brother / husband / following orders / strategies / arguments / debate / war 🪹Mercury - little children / memory / speed / wit / humor / speech / communication 🪹Saturn - elderly / masses / underprivileged people / the poor, and cast out from society 🪹Rahu and Ketu are special because they aren’t planets rather they are ‘shadow planets’. They don’t exist in our University but in ancient texts it is said that solar and lunar eclipse used to happen because of the influence of Rahu and Ketu. They play a key role in Karma and rebirth: 🪹Rahu – Rahu is the reason that you are reborn. It is the pending desires of your past lifetime that you have come back to Earth to fulfill. You are a novice in the house Rahu occupies and are learning everything from scratch. Ketu – Ketu is also called the ‘Liberator’. Ketu Dasha lasts for 7 years but in a short duration it causes massive discernment and spiritual inclination. It is somewhat similar to Mars in the sense that it is aggressive and doesn’t have time, but unlike Mars that wants to conquer Ketu has already conquered the field. Ketu wants to let go of everything as soon as possible, he leads to Moksha. Vedic Houses and Karma: We have 4 main combinations of houses. These combinations tell an astrologer in a glance where the heaviest influence of the chart will lie. These combinations are: 🪹1. Dharma Trikona houses - 1, 5, 9. · the first house is your present · The fifth house is your future - your children · the 9th house is your past, your father, your blessings from past life This clearly shows a link between past, present and future, all three influence the present life. Your past life house is also called the house of ‘blessings’, blessings from the God’s and your ancestors. The 9th house is of prayers, the 5th house is of mantras. 🪹2. Artha Trikona Houses – 2, 6, 10 · 2nd house: your income, bank balance, savings and investments · 6th house: your career and ability to work hard · 10th house: your name and fame in career These houses represent the material comforts you will experience in life, and your capacity to work for them. ‘It is a sin to preach spirituality to a starving person’, without fulfilling your basic needs you won’t be able to rise to the next stage of karmic development. Keep in mind that your Artha Trikona houses are able to provide your family the nourishment they need, and will be the foundation upon which you will be able to do charity work to improve your karma. Money shouldn’t always have an evil connotation. 🪹3. Kama Trikona Houses – 3, 7, 11 · 3rd House: Courage, motivation, your desires. This is the house of the seed of your desires. It is also the house of free-will. · 7th House: Your partnership/marriage, ability to have close and committed relationships, and sexual relationships. This is the blossoming of your desires. · 11th House: The gain of your desires, or the fulfillment of your desires. Kama Trikona houses are the houses of desire and its fulfillment. Our desires are influenced by past life unfulfilled wishes, and by societal expectations of what is ‘trending’. Our desires grow with time and so do the 3rd and 11th houses. These houses are tricky and tend to wrap people into its web, stopping you from attaining moksha. If you manage to break free from the Kama Trikona houses you step into the next and final stage of life which is Moksha Trikona houses. 🪹4. Moksha Trikona Houses – 4, 8, 12 · 4th House: It is the house which shows the beginning of the journey towards liberation. It is the house that denotes your innermost emotions and deep intentions. · 8th House: A deep dushthana house represents occult studies, research, mysteries and secrets. It also represents the seeds/beginnings of spiritual inclination. · 12th House: Also known as the house of ‘exit’. On a higher level it represents isolation, long journeys, spiritual people that meditate in isolation such as monks in monastaries, yogis in mountains, or nuns in churches.

idea of reincarnation and past lives

In astrology, the concept of karma is closely linked to the idea of reincarnation and past lives. The theory suggests that our actions and deeds from our past lives can affect our current life. Some of the indicators of bad past life karma in astrology are: 🪹Afflicted Saturn: Saturn represents karma, and an afflicted Saturn in the birth chart can indicate bad past life karma. If Saturn is in a weak position, it can lead to challenges, delays, and difficulties in life. 🪹Afflicted Saturn can also indicate a lack of discipline, responsibility, and accountability. 🪹Retrograde planets: Retrograde planets can indicate unresolved issues from past lives. These planets may bring up challenges and obstacles that relate to past karmic debts. Malefic planets in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house: The 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are associated with challenges, obstacles, and hidden enemies. If malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, or Rahu are placed in these houses, it can indicate bad past life karma. 🪹Difficult aspects to the Moon: The Moon represents the mind and emotions, and challenging aspects like squares and oppositions to the Moon can indicate unresolved emotional issues from past lives. Debilitated planets: Debilitated planets in the birth chart can indicate a lack of strength and vitality related to past life karma.


planet which is responsible for past life is Ketu. So any planet in your chart if overlap ketu in another person chart than it indicates past life connection. now what do i mean by this? Lets say if in your chart moon is in cancer, so look at the chart of the other person whose chart you are concerned about and see if ketu is siting in the sign of cancer in his/her chart also. Then yes we can say that this ketu is overlaping your moon. or vice versa. if this connection is also showing in the navmansha chart then it is confirmed. now what different types of past life connection may be there which is continuing in this life. if someone’s moon overlap to another person’s ketu: moon is emotions, if this synastry is there then we can say that the person have past life emotional connection with you which is continuing in this life. and due to that you both are connected in this lifetime also. it can be any kind of emotional bond that you are sharing in this life. 🪹mars overlap ketu:🪹 some past life fight or passion you share with that person due to which you both are connected. it may be the case that the person may be your sibling in your past life. and due to certain pending karma you both are sharing this bond in this life. 🪹venus overlap ketu:🪹 this is soulmate connection or say past life love connection. you will feel instant connection with this person. due to some reason you are continuing your love in this life also. 🪹jupiter overlap ketu:🪹 the person may be your guru from the past life or you are a guru or a guiding angel in his/ her life in your past lives. 🪹saturn overlap ketu:🪹 some heavy pending karmas are there between you too. it can be some past life setbacks or loans, pain etc you are sharing with this person. but it is not a good overlap. 🪹mercury overlap ketu:🪹 this person may be your child or vice versa or he / she may be sharing some intellectual or friendly journey with you which is continuing in this life. 🪹sun overlap ketu:🪹 sun is soul , it is showing may be this person is your father in the past life or have some soul lesson are attached to this person. your souls are connected in this journey of life. its a good connection. Illusion that someone is connected to you from the past: 🪹🪹Rahu is the main reason for illusion.🪹🪹 🪹If someone Rahu is overlapped by other person moon: the person with moon will be greatly affected by this overlap. Rahu is illusion or say a snake which will bite and spread the poison of illusion in the mind of person whose moon is overlapped by the Rahu of this person. He/ she will not get rid of the thoughts of the person, the person will feel that there is some connection i share with this person but that’s not true. its just an illusion nothing more than that. 🪹If someone Venus overlap other person Rahu: Instanct attraction, physically , mentally and sexually. this combination consider good in case of partnership. as it gives a great attraction towards each other. people will think that ohh! he/ she is my soul mate. but that’s not true its a type of attraction that two people are sharing.

How Guru, Shani, Rahu affect the birth chart.

🪹1. Guru shows blessings or faults in the soul of ancestors if it is in the Lagna. There is a sense of his presence either alone or while worshipping. Such a person should donate milk on the new moon day. 🪹2. The Guru of the second or eighth position shows that the person had to be born righteous or saintly in the previous birth or else he had to be born again because of some unfulfilled wishes. Such a person is blessed with invisible phantom spirits. All desires are preceded by good deeds and religious instincts. Such people are born in a prosperous house. The latter leads a life full of religious instincts. His life remains simple but happy and finally, he dies. 🪹3. If the Guru is in the third place then it is believed that a woman is persecuted in the ancestors and with her blessings lead a happy life, but being cursed leads to physical, financial and mental troubles. Such people are benefited by worshipping Kul Devi of Maa Bhagwati. 🪹4. When the Guru is in the fourth place, the native comes back from the ancestors and is born in the family. Life is blissful with the blessings of the ancestors. When cursed, such people are found to be suffering from problems. They always have fear. Such a person should go to the place of ancestors and offer prayers once a year and wish for a happy life. 🪹5. When Guru is in ninth place, the shadow of the elderly always helps. Such a person is renounced by Maya and sainted with similar thoughts. As you get older, it will become stronger and more knowledgeable. The badass of such a person also gives a good effect. 🪹6. When the Guru is in the tenth position, the person keeps a saintly tendency, religious thoughts, unwavering shrines on God from the rites of previous birth. On the tenth, the ninth or eleventh place positioned Shani or Rahu, then such a person is an official of a religious place, or a trust or a great saint. Due to wickedness, dishonesty, lies, and corrupts make economic progress, but eventually become devoted to God. 🪹7. On the eleventh place, the Guru tells that in the previous life, the tantra mantra, knowledge of occult mastery or doing some wrong work, corrupted spirits, disrupts family happiness, Mentalntal disturbance is always there. Rahu's transit has to face special problems. Such a person should worship Maa Kali and live in moderation. 🪹8. In the twelfth place, the yoga of Rahu or Shani with the Guru, shows in the previous birth, the blame of breaking the religious place or temple by this person and he has to complete it in this birth. Such a person gives good souls with a similar look. They benefit from religious tendencies. One has to face problems due to wrong eating. Now see Shani's relation with the demons' and ancestors: - 🪹1. Saturn's presence in Lagna or being in the first place indicates that this person must have been knowledgeable of good vaidya or old things, herbs, esoteric practices in previous lives. Good invisible spirits help such a person. Their childhood is sick or financially troublesome. They live in houses where phantom spirits live. Worshipping bhairava is beneficial. 🪹2. Saturn is believed to be in the second position cause of issues. That such a person suffers financial, physical family problems due to their bad luck by persecuting or causing unjust cause to a person in a previous birth. When Rahu is in a relationship, sleepless dreams, dreams come, or the shadow of a phantom spirit impedes every task in an inimitable manner. Such persons remain mentally disturbed. 🪹3. When Saturn or Rahu is in the third or sixth position, then unseen souls help in predicting future events. Such a person acquires knowledge in the work related to the land, what the house is under the ground. These people are sometimes found suffering from unreasonable fear. 🪹4. In the fourth place Saturn or Rahu signifies the presence of the ancestors in the serpent. Fear of snake shape things or snake. Such People get benefit from serving animals or snakes. Treatment of stomach disease gives success. 🪹5. The presence of Shani or Rahu in the fifth position is considered to cause trouble to someone with a deadly weapon in the previous birth. They have to bear child-related problems. Stomach disease, delayed childbirth, etc. are troublesome. 🪹6. When Saturn or Rahu is in the seventh place, due to pre-birth related defects, you feel lack of eye, physical pain, family happiness. Religious instincts and worshipping your favourite is beneficial. 🪹7. Shani or Rahu in the eighth position indicates that due to wrong use of Tantra-Mantra on a person in the previous birth, they suffer from fear without reason. These people have fear of a snake, thieves remain & people who are dead. Donating milk to needy is useful for their benefits. 🪹8. Saturn in ninth place shows the defect of hindering the progress of other people in the previous birth. the persons are not able to make special progress in the job. 🪹9. Saturn being in the twelfth place is an economic gain or loss due to the blessing or dosha of the serpent. Such a person should wear an all-round silver ring and such people are benefited by worshipping the snake. Offering milk and water to Lord Shankar is also beneficial. 🪹10. There is a combination of Rahu and Shani in any house of Janma Patrika, such a person is suffering from the Upari Hawa. There is always a heaviness in their body, they are found guilty of being lazy, prone to anger and anger while praying.