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How To Read Navamsa Chart In Vedic Astrology

Navamsa Chart is one of the most important divisional chart in Vedic Astrology. Commonly interpreted as D9, it is a more detailed view of the 9th house of a birth chart. It holds such a great importance in vedic predictions that it is the second most important chart to read after looking at Rashi or Birth Chart.

The D9 Chart
Some Astrologers, don’t even look at the Rashi or Birth Chart, they go straight for D9 Navamsa Chart as it is really accurate and tells us so many things about our life and marriage and especially how our lives will be after marriage.

What can be predicted through the Navamsa Chart D9?

The 9th house is the house of Fate, luck, and the treasure that is given by God for the person in his life. Therefore, using the 9th house and the Navamsa chart, we can not only predict marriage which is what most astrologers use the D9 navamsa chart for but we can also find out the changes that is going to take place in the later half of the person’s life. This changes can be in terms of marriage, partnership, business, wealth and career. The D9 Navamsa chart shows us our fortune and luck in the second half of our life. It shows us what fortune holds in for us in the later half in life. It is said that if a planet is weak in the Birth chart but strong in the Navamsa chart, then the planet starts to give good results later in life even though it is weak in the birth chart. This tells us how people who have a miserable life early on become very wealthy and prosperous in the later half of their life. This can be easily seen from the Navamsa chart..

D9 Navamsa Chart:Why we use

For marriage related issue, one can predict “When a person will get married?“, “How the later half of a person’s life is going to be?“, “Family Background“, “Personality of the spouse“, “Physical appearance of the spouse“, “Timing of Marriage“, “How well the marriage life will go about?“, or “Multi-marriages“, and even “Chances of Divorce”.

What each house represents in the D9 Navamsa Chart?

Houses - will show the broad task of the soul. 1st House: The first house shows us the self in relationship dynamics. It tells us the overall health of the marriage and spouse. 2nd House: The second house shows us the wealth through marriage. It represents the accumulated wealth and gains after marriage. It represents our family with spouse and children. What kind of family the person going to have whether joint or nuclear. 3rd House: The effort it requires to sustain the marriage and make it grow. This includes all the hard work, perseverance and sacrifice. 4th House: All the comforts, peace and happiness in marriage is seen through the 4th house. It represents the state and condition of home and property. 5th House: The 5th house represents romance and enjoyable, fun moments that you are going to share with your spouse. 6th house: The 6th house which is one the malefic houses represents arguments that happen in marriage, debts that will be accumulated in marriage and whether a person will be able to pay off those debts or not. It also represents a possibility of divorce and break in marriage. 7th house: The 7th house is the house of the spouse. It represents the kind of spouse a person will get, his/her personality and behaviour and whether the spouse will be loving and supporting or not. 8th House: The 8th house represents the joint assets accumulated through marriage. It also shows us how long the marriage will last and the in-laws. 9th house: The 9th house represents the luck and fortune in marriage. It also represents all the religious beliefs and spirituality and whether the marriage leads the partners to spirituality or not. 10th House: The 10th house represents the reputation of the marriage and people’s opinions of your marriage. It tells us how people look at the marriage and their views and public opinion. 11th House: It represents the hopes, wishes and desires of the spouse and whether or not, a person can fulfil those desires or not. 12th House: It represents the bed pleasures in the marriage, foreign lands, donations, spiritual life, foreign travels in marriage. It also represents separation and quarrels in marriage.

Usages of Navamsa chart

Vedic astrology is associated with Hindu precept and this protocol of astrology talks about past lives and collected karmas of prior lives which get embodied in problems of the existing life. It is understood that the dasa procedure arranged in Vedic astrology.The role of past lives in existing crises and resurgence of souls is a controversial subject in many beliefs. However, the resurrection of souls is an important belief in Vedic astrology is associated to Hindu assumption and this procedure of astrology conversations about past lives and collected karmas of prior lives which get embodied in dilemmas of the existing life. Vedic Astrology is established on the belief of karma and in the notion of Moksha.

Curses From Past Life

🌴Navamsa is used to understand the strength of a planet. If a planet is exalted in Rashi chart, but debilitated in Navamsa, it will fail to give the desired result. The condition of a planet in the D9 chart will give a hint about the kind of result it can deliver in its period. 🌴Navamsa is widely used to understand your married life. It is the main divisional chart for checking marriage prospects. Navamsa will indicate whether your marriage will be happy or not. It will also give a lot of information about your life partner like his/her physical appearance, profession etc. 🌴Navamsa charts should also be used to judge career and professional success. The placement, association and conjunction of planets in the Navamsa chart can determine your profession. 🌴The D9 chart is helpful to understand our spiritual growth and religious inclination. 🌴In case of child birth we also need to check the D9 chart along with D1 and D7 charts. We should also judge the Navamsa chart to get indications about our higher studies and education. It will help to analyze our potentiality to achieve higher education. It helps us to understand the most beneficial or suitable stream for us.

How to Read the Navamsa Chart D9 Steps

D9 Steps 🪹The First step is to take out both the Rashi or Birth Chart and Navamsa Chart. This is because Navamsa chart should never be read alone as a single chart. It should be read by interlinking clues placed in both D1 birth chart and D9 Navamsa chart. 🪹The D9 Navamsa Chart Ruler is Venus therefore, you should find out where Venus is placed in the D9 Chart as well as D1 chart. 🪹Check the Atmakaraka Planet of your D1 Chart and Check it’s position in D9 chart. Atmakaraka Planet is the planet that holds the highest degree in your birth chart. This planet is responsible for your mind process, thought process and mindset in marriage and life. 🪹Check the Amatyakaraka Planet of the D1 Chart and check it’s position in the D9 Chart. Amatyakaraka Planet is the planet that holds the second highest degree in your birth chart. This planet is responsible for converting your thought process into action. It will be the planet responsible for your execution of your mind. It will help manifest your thoughts into reality. 🪹Check the placement of these Karak planets in D9 chart and whether they are good state or not. If they are in bad state meaning being affected by malefics or aspected by them then, you problems with the planets associated with the house. If they are well placed then, you won’t have any problems regarding the houses where those planets sit. 🪹A Raj Yog is formed in Navamsa Chart is the Atmakaraka planet and Amatyakaraka planet is sitting together in the D9 Chart. 🪹🪹Next thing one has to check is the position of Venus. Venus as we know is the ruler of the D9 chart and the main significator, therefore, we have to look at where Venus is positioned and the houses it rules. Whether, it is strong or weak. From here we can find out if, the significator of marriage is supporting the person for marriage or not. For example, If the 7th house of a person is strong but Venus is sitting in the 6th house, here we can say that there can be a lot of debts after marriage and quarrels regarding debts. 🪹Next we have to find out if the planets are in Vargottama or not. Vargottama means that a planet is occupying the same sign in the Birth chart D1 and navamsa D9 chart. A vargottama planet is considered very strong, auspicious, capable of giving benefic results during the main and sub dasha period and transits. 🪹🪹The next step is to check the 9th house of both D1 Birth chart and D9 Navamsa Chart. We have to check the strength and position of the lord of 9th house in D9 navamsa chart. This house which is the 9th house shows us our destiny, dharma and our duty in this life. It shows us, what duties we have to perform in this birth. 🪹The last step is to check the position of the lagna lord in D9 navamsa chart. Here we have to find out of the lagna lord is in good strength or not.

Partner temperament from the 7th house of d9

Planets in the 7th house in d9 chart: Moon: When Moon is in the 7th house of the d9 Chart then the partner will have a personal identity. He will be stunning and sexual with a fair tone and a soft soul and soft-spoken. Sun: When Sun is the impacts of the 7th Lord of d9 chart or 7th house then the partner will have a curiosity in song and instrument, will have self-ego and will want self-respect in the community. He may retain short height, big head, straight hair etc. When d9 Sun in the 7th house is powerful, The Individual may be from an ethical family environment. Mars: Mars in the 7th house of d9 Chart renders the partner has a very forceful and rebellious temperament. The partner will have anger problems but the partner will be aggressive, dignified, brave with lots of power. The partner will adore playing sports or do workouts that affect physical actions, the spouse may also have an attraction to cooking. Venus: Venus in the 7th house of d9 Chart brings about the partner will have a very affectionate and caring temperament. The partner will be good looking and elegant. The partner will be fond of extravagant commodities and all sorts of material satisfaction. The partner will also love song and imaginative arts. Mercury: When Mercury in the 7th house of the d9 Chart, the partner will be relatively communicative and chatty. The partner will be thoughtful and be good in schooling and job. The partner will be fond of books and composing. Jupiter: When Jupiter in the 7th house of the navmansha chart, the partner will have a spiritual, wise and intelligent temperament. He or she will be truthful as well as well informed and will hold a high reputation in society. Saturn: When Saturn in the 7th house of the D9 chart, the house will always have a critical nature. The partner will be logical, sophisticated and will be crucial in terms of doing their karmic responsibilities to gain income and serve the community. The partner will love to mingle around with the community who are senior to them and hold an authoritarian position in society. Rahu: Rahu doesn't sanction any house but when it settles in the 7th house of the D9 chart, the partner will have a personality where he/she will be constantly disturbed. This also demonstrates that the partner will be from a foreign land and will frequently speak languages ​​that you do not understand. This placement affects intercaste wedding. Ketu: Ketu in the 7th house of d9 Chart implies that the wedding that is going to take place will be extremely extraordinary. The partner will be decent in calculation and digits, good in computers and will be religious. May weddings where someone has 2 partners is seen from this position. Such weddings establish a different connection between the siblings where they have many stepbrothers/stepsisters.

Prosperity from Marriage

If the ruler of the d9 chart is existing in the 2nd or 11th house of the birth chart then the wedding will generate prosperity for the family. If the ruler of the 7th house in the birth chart takes off to the 11th house in the birth chart, it demonstrates prosperity after marriage. if a similar condition occurs with the D9 chart then, a lot of prosperity is going to appear after marriage. 🌷Navmansha lord aspecting Lagna is a good assortment for a relaxed married life. 🌷Navmansha Lagna aspected by a benefic can provide a comfortable married life. 🌷If the navmansha Lagna transpires to be 9th or 12th to the birth chart, physical desires may be very huge. 🌷Venus in 7th place to navmansha demonstrates disharmony in marriage. 🌷If the ruler of the 7th house in the birth chart is in 6th or 8th or 12th to navmansha, matrimonial life may not be pleasant. 🌷The coincidence of Moon and Venus and if one of them is debilitated, there will be no satisfaction from the relationship. 🌷If the 5th place from the D9-ascendant is inhabited by Jupiter and venus, you could get killing attraction as your wife. 🌷If navmansha is correlated with numerous malefic, there could be extra-marital friendships. 🌷If the lord of 3rd or 6th or 7th or 10th is positioned in the 7th house to navmansha your husband/wife may have a job/business in law. 🌷If the 7th lord occurs to be the house of Saturn and if malefic is in it, the partner could look aged or it could be a second wedding. 🌷If the 7th lord is in conjunction with the 6th lord + Venus, there will be divergence or divorce.

Navamsa chart and planetary strength:

Each planet symbolizes certain qualities of a person, is responsible for certain areas of life, is the owner of a particular house. How all this will manifest itself in reality depends, among other things, on the strength of the planets. Strengthen or weaken the planet different factors. One of the easiest ways to understand if any planet is strong in a horoscope is to compare its strength in Rashi and Navamsha charts. Various combinations are possible here, but speaking conditionally, several can be distinguished. 🌿If planet is strong in rashi chart but weak in d9: In this case, the total strength of this planet will not be as large as one might initially assume. 🌿If planet is weak in rashi chart but strong in d9: In this case, the total strength of this planet will not be as small as one might initially assume. 🌿If planet is strong in both chart: In this case, it is really strong and opens up good prospects for the owner of the horoscope. 🌿If planet is weak in both charts: In this case, it is really weak and will either give the owner of the horoscope a little, or give more, but through overcoming difficulties. 🌿If planet has medium power in both: Contrary to expectations - not the worst situation, because the extreme weakness, like the extreme strength of the planet, can create difficulties in life, and a planet neutral in strength is more or less balanced.

Wealth from Marriage

🪹If the lord of the Navamsa lagna Chart is present in 2nd or 11th house of Lagna chart then the marriage will bring wealth to the family. 🪹If the lord of the 7th house in Lagna chart goes to the 11th house in Lagna chart, it indicates wealth after marriage. if the same condition happens with the D9 navamsa chart then, a lot of wealth is going to come after marriage.