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Vish Yoga in Astrology | Unveiling the Mysteries of Vish Yoga in Astrology

Vish Dosha is an astrological combination that is said to cause difficulties in love and relationships. It is formed when the Moon and Saturn are in conjunction in the same sign or in the 7th house from each other. The effects of Vish Dosha can vary depending on the individual's astrological chart and the specific placement of the Moon and Saturn. However, some general effects can be observed. Difficulties in finding a partner: People with Vish Dosha may have difficulty finding a partner or may have relationships that are unstable or short-lived. 🍂Communication problems:Communication problems: People with Vish Dosha may have communication problems with their partners, which can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. People with Vish Dosha may have communication problems with their partners, which can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. 🍂Trust issues: People with Vish Dosha may have trust issues, which can make it difficult to have a healthy relationship. 🍂Jealousy and possessiveness: People with Vish Dosha may be prone to jealousy and possessiveness, which can also damage relationships. 🍂Lack of commitment:People with Vish Dosha may be hesitant to commit to a relationship, which can make it difficult to build a lasting bond with a partner. It is important to note that these are just some of the potential effects of Vish Dosha. The actual effects will vary depending on the individual's astrological chart and the specific placement of the Moon and Saturn.

What is Vish Yoga in kundali? What are its effects and remedies?

As the name suggests, Vish Yoga creates a poisonous life for an individual. When the moon and Saturn form conjunction, Vish Yoga appeared. Vish Yoga was created based on the location where the moon and Saturn are connected in a birth chart.

In astrology, while Shani is placed in the category of a cruel and just planet, the Moon is said to be the factor of the mind. Moon is also related to the mother. The nature of the Moon has been described as fickle. When these two planets make any kind of relationship together in the horoscope, then the situation of Vish Yoga is created.

According to Astrology, when Saturn is in Pushya Nakshatra in Cancer and Moon is in Shravan Nakshatra in Capricorn. Along with this, Moon and Saturn are in opposite positions and both are looking at each other from their respective houses, then Vish Yoga is formed.

Know How Vish Yoga Is Formed

Saturn and Moon are considered special planets in astrology. While Saturn's movement is very slow and takes about two and a half years to change its sign, the Moon changes its sign in about two and a half days. When Shani and Moon Conjunction are in the Kundali, then a special type of yoga is formed, which is called Vish Yoga. In the astrological texts, both types of results have been told about this yoga. But it is kept in the category of inauspicious yoga.

Vish Yog in Kundli

According to astrology, this yoga formed in the horoscope gives inauspicious results throughout life. It is said about this yoga that when this yoga is present in the horoscope, even if such a person feeds bread to a pet dog, it bites him one day or the other. The most inauspicious result of this yoga is that such a person gets cheated by friends and relatives. They get cheated on by them. In Vish Yoga, a person does all their work very seriously.

Vish Yoga marriage

Due to the effect of Vish yoga in the horoscope, tension, and anxiety always remain in the life of the native. There is sourness in mutual relations. The marital relationship may break. The peace of the family vanishes.

Effect of Vish Yoga

According to astrology, if a person has Vish Yoga in his horoscope, then that person never gets lucky. Along with this, the person has to change his business many times. Whatever work they do gets spoiled in the making. It is a belief that the person on whom Vish Yoga is formed has to face physical and mental problems. Such people are victims of depression. Along with this, such a person has to face death, fear, sorrow, disease, laziness, poverty, and debt all the time.

Vish Yoga Remedies

  • 🍂Natives suffering from Vish Yoga should perform Jalabhishek of Shivling and recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

  • 🍂Mahadev and Shani should be worshiped properly in the morning on Monday and Saturday. It is best to chant Shiv Chalisa along with worship.

  • 🍂The coconut should be rotated 7 times around the head and broken under the Peepal tree. Distribute it as Prasad to everyone right there.

  • 🍂Every Saturday morning and evening go to the Shani temple and light a mustard oil lamp.

  • 🍂People who have Vish Yoga in their horoscope should worship Shani Dev and break coconut under the Peepal tree on every Saturday.

  • 🍂Donating a pot full of water in Shani or Hanuman temple in Jyestha month gives benefits.

  • 🍂Vish yoga also goes away by worshiping Hanuman Ji. Pouring raw milk in the well on Saturday also removes the effect of this yoga.Worship to Lord Shiva every day. Repeat the mantra of "Mahamrityunjay", listen to "Hanuman Chalisa" and worship Saturn every Saturday to gain spiritual strength and peace. Reading spiritual books and singing religious songs, you will find that you are extremely at ease and can overcome the problems caused by Vish Yoga.


🍂The combination of planets in the horoscope decides the condition and direction of life. When two planets sit together in any house of the birth chart, then they make one or the other astrological combination, which is auspicious as well as inauspicious. If there is a combination of auspicious planets in the horoscope, then auspicious yoga is created. In such a situation, a person's life is filled with happiness, but if yoga is being formed due to inauspicious planets, then the person's life becomes full of struggle and problems. In this way, if Saturn and Moon come together in any place on a person's birth chart, then Vish Yoga is formed. Its side effects are more when these planets are in mutual condition. Talk to astrologers to know more about Vish Yoga.

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