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Shrapit Dosha in Astrology

Shrapit Dosh is formed when there is a conjunction of Rahu and Saturn in a person’s horoscope. This Dosha transcends the influence of specific houses and can impact an individual’s life regardless of its placement. It is believed that Shrapit Dosh arises from unresolved sins committed in past lives, where the individual did not seek repentance, leading to the karmic consequences manifesting in their current life.

Effects of Being Born on Shrapit Dosha

Let’s check below optimistic effects of Shrapit yoga in the horoscope: 🔖Rahu is the indicator of progress and advancement while Saturn represents hard work and unexceptional willpower. The combination of both the planets conglomerates the positive and negative vibes. People who have this yoga in their natal chart are highly intelligent and smart. They do not believe in obeying the directions and instructions of our society. This combination can be found in such natives who have grown from ground level to a high position. 🔖This combination is also found in some religious leaders who have repudiated the rules and regulations of society. 🔖The association of Rahu and Saturn makes an individual extremely inventive and advanced. They passionately go through the subject and produce something very creative and extraordinary. Negative Effects of Shrapit Yoga: 🔖Due to the ill effect of Shrapit Dosh, Rahu creates a sense of misconception and delusion among the native. While a person has to do a lot of hard work and might face other issues because of the appearance of Saturn with Rahu in the same house. Due to this effect, either person might not be able to make the correct decision. 🔖The 7th house in the horoscope is also known as the house of the marriage. If Rahu or Saturn or both the planets are placed in the 7th house then the native might face marital issues in life. If the effect is severe then there are chances of separation or divorce. Even the individual might become a widow or widower. 🔖If both the planets are in the 5th house then the native might go through several problems such as miscarriage, abortion, or other issues during the prenatal period. 🔖If the 4th and 2nd house is obstructed due to this combination then there would be arguments and quarrels among the family members. Your relationship with your parents might suffer. 🔖If the 10th house has been affected then the native will never be satisfied and content with his/her career during their entire life. The native will always feel a sense of agitation and impatience. Though his or her hard work would never be able to make him or her feel satisfied.

What is Shrapit Dosha in kundali? What are its effects and remedies?


Rahu and Saturn Connection:

Shrapit Dosh primarily arises from the conjunction of Rahu (the North Node of the Moon) and Saturn (Shani) in an individual’s horoscope. Rahu represents worldly desires, obsessions, and illusions, while Saturn symbolizes discipline, karma, and life lessons. When these two powerful planets come together in a specific house or alignment, it is believed to intensify the karmic effects, leading to the manifestation of Shrapit Dosh. 🔖🔖

Unresolved Past Misdeeds:

The presence of Shrapit Dosh is often associated with unresolved past misdeeds or sins committed by an individual in previous lives. These misdeeds could include harming others, betraying trust, or engaging in immoral activities. The effects of these actions, left unaddressed or unrepented, are believed to carry forward as karmic imbalances, resulting in the manifestation of Shrapit Dosh in the present life. 🔖🔖

Karmic Balancing:

Shrapit Dosh is considered a karmic balancing mechanism, where individuals face the consequences of their past actions. It serves as an opportunity for individuals to rectify and learn from their past mistakes, thus balancing their karmic debts and progressing spiritually.

Shani Ketu Shrapit Dosh

Shrapit dosh in the Kundali appears when Graha like Shani and Ketu gets associated in the biological chart. When the presence of both the planets Shani and Ketu are visible to each other then this dosha is formed in the Kundli. Shrapit Dosh Nivaran Puja is considered the best remedy for eliminating the effect of Shani and Rahu. The presence of this yoga causes pain, poverty, humiliation, sorrow, and misery in life. The individual also faces debts and losses in professional life and business. This dosh also disturbs his mental peace. Negative thoughts, depression, and fear create a disturbance in the life of the native. This might create issues in his or her professional life.

Things You Should Do

🔖Donate Black Sesame for Shani and Black Urad dal or Kulthi for Ketu Graha. 🔖Perform oil Abhishekam to Shani Dev every Saturday. Recitation of Hanuman Chalisa is also beneficial in diminishing the effect of Shrapit Yoga. For better results you can also recite Shani Mantra: 🔖Om Pram Preem Prom Sah Shanye Namah || शनि मंत्र: ओम प्रां प्रीं प्रोम सह शनै नमः ।

Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosh

Shrapit Dosh is considered as the misfortune caused by wrong deeds during the previous lives. The appearance of Rahu and Saturn in the same house in the birth chat gives rise to Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosh. The existence of this dosh in Kundali can stop the person from enjoying all the comfort and amenities of life even with all the richness and wealth the person possesses. When the placement of both Rahu and Saturn are visible to each other, Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosha is formed. Complete Shrapit dosha is formed when Rahu and Saturn are positioned in the same house. The combination of both planets creates hazardous circumstances in the life of an individual. Due to Shani and Rahu yoga, the entire life gets ruined without doing anything productive. Reciting Rahu Mantra is beneficial and reduces the adverse effects of this dosh in the birth chart. Mantra To Be Chanted: 🔖Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah || राहु मंत्र – ॐ भ्रां भ्रीं भ्रौं सः राहवे नमः।नै नमः ।

Advantages Of Shrapit Dosha Nivaran Puja

🔖It helps in diminishing the hindrances from personal and professional life as well. 🔖The natives are facing delays, struggles, losses, and horror in their business, career, and personal life. 🔖The Puja will bless you with wealth, good health, concord, and success in all aspects of life. 🔖This ritual eliminates Shani Rahu Shrapit Dosh and provides endurance and durability in life. 🔖This dosh Nivaran Puja will help in achieving your life goals and you will come out as a winner in every field. 🔖This puja will also help in attaining peace of mind.

Remedy for Shrapit

According to Vedic Astrology, karmic remedies are considered best for Saturn and Rahu. With the help of these remedies, the harmful impact of Saturn and Rahu can be reduced. 🔖Cook rice and make rice balls. Feed the rice balls to fish and crow every Saturday. Serving food and water to birds and animals is also beneficial. 🔖Taking care of your elderly parents and the disabled person will also help in lessening the effect of Shrapit Dosh. Give respect to your household and labourers. 🔖Give blankets and other belongings to the poor and needy people. 🔖Reciting Ramacharita Manas is considered one of the most beneficial remedies. Worship Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa every day. This will help in diminishing the ill effect of Shrapit yoga in the natal chart. 🔖Correct your Karma and do good deeds. You might come across various struggles in your life. Never choose the wrong path to fulfil your desires and achievements. This is one of the ideal remedies to get rid of the severe effect of Shrapit Yoga.

Remedies for Shrapit Dosh

While the effects of Shrapit Dosh can be daunting, Vedic Astrology offers a range of remedies to mitigate its impact. It is essential to consult an astrologer who can provide personalized remedies based on your specific horoscope. However, here are some commonly recommended remedies:

Shani Shrapit Nivaran Pooja:

Seek the guidance of a knowledgeable priest and perform this sacred ritual to appease Saturn and neutralize the negative influences of Shrapit Dosh.

Rahu Shrapit Nivaran Pooja:

Similarly, under the guidance of a priest, perform this puja dedicated to Rahu to counteract the adverse effects of the Dosha.

Mantra Chanting:

Establish a practice of reciting mantras specifically designed to appease Rahu and Saturn. Chanting these mantras in the morning after bathing can help create a positive shift in energy.

Devotional Offerings:

Offer prayers to Lord Shiva on a daily basis. As part of the ritual, offer water and milk to a Shiva Linga while seeking blessings and guidance to overcome the challenges posed by Shrapit Dosh.

Acts of Charity:

Engage in acts of kindness and charity, particularly towards the less fortunate. These selfless acts can help balance negative karma associated with past deeds, reducing the impact of Shrapit Dosh.

Gemstone Therapy:

Consider wearing gemstones such as Blue Sapphire (Neelam) for Saturn and Hessonite (Gomed) for Rahu. These gemstones are believed to counteract the negative energies associated with Shrapit Dosh.

Gemstone Recommendation from Jyotishgher

Prayers to Deities:

Dedicate your Saturdays to offering prayers to Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman, and Lord Shiva. These deities are revered for their ability to bring positive transformations and alleviate the effects of malefic planetary alignments.



🍂The combination of planets in the horoscope decides the condition and direction of life. When two planets sit together in any house of the birth chart, then they make one or the other astrological combination, which is auspicious as well as inauspicious. If there is a combination of auspicious planets in the horoscope, then auspicious yoga is created. In such a situation, a person's life is filled with happiness, but if yoga is being formed due to inauspicious planets, then the person's life becomes full of struggle and problems. In this way, if Saturn and Moon come together in any place on a person's birth chart, then Vish Yoga is formed. Its side effects are more when these planets are in mutual condition. Talk to astrologers to know more about Vish Yoga.

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