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Kemdrum Dosha in Astrology

Kemdrum Yoga is one of the most important Yogas formed by Moon. According to Varahmihir, this Yoga is formed when one house in front and back from the Moon are vacant. In other words, the second and the twelfth house from the Moon should be vacant so that this Yoga can be formed. This Yoga is not as inauspicious as believed by the astrologers in the modern times. A person should not be afraid of this Yoga as it does not always give inauspicious results. It also provides power to a person to face all sorts of struggles in life so that he may excel and achieve success. Moon is known to be the karak planet for the mind according to astrology. It is usually seen than a vacant mind thinks about a lot of useless things and makes a person restless. Kemdrum Yoga also gives such results. Difficulties in finding a partner: People with Kemadruma Dosha may have difficulty finding a partner or may have relationships that are unstable or short-lived. 🍂Communication problems:Communication problems: People with Kemadruma Dosha may have communication problems with their partners, which can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. People with Kemadruma Dosha may have communication problems with their partners, which can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. 🍂Trust issues: People with Kemadruma Dosha may have trust issues, which can make it difficult to have a healthy relationship. 🍂Jealousy and possessiveness: People with Kemadruma Dosha may be prone to jealousy and possessiveness, which can also damage relationships. 🍂Lack of commitment:People with Kemadruma Dosha may be hesitant to commit to a relationship, which can make it difficult to build a lasting bond with a partner. It is important to note that these are just some of the potential effects of Kemadruma Dosha. The actual effects will vary depending on the individual's astrological chart and the specific placement of the Moon and Sun.

Effects of Being Born on Kemadruma

Destitution. Illness. Disharmony in relationships. Financial crisis, depression. Loneliness. Mental and psychological issues. Litigation problems. Suicidal tendency. Deprived of parents nourishment and love. Constantly self-pity. Pessimistic attitude.

What is Kemadruma Dosha in kundali? What are its effects and remedies?

This yoga is formed when there are no planets present in the second and twelfth house from Moon, which are the houses that are directly in front and behind the Moon, except from the Sun and the shadow planets. If there is no benefic planetary aspect or conjunction to the Moon, then Kemdrum yoga forms.

Remedy for Kemadruma

Some remedies may help in decreasing the effects of Kemdrum Yoga. These remedies also increase the auspicious effects of Kemdrum Yoga. These are : Fast on the day of Purnima for four consecutive years. Begin this fast from a Purnima which is on Monday or from the day of Chitra nakshatra when it is on Monday. Visit a temple on Mondays and pour a cow’s milk on Shivalinga and worship lord Shiva. Worship lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. Recite Shivapanchakshari mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ with a Rudraksha mala. Keep a Dakshinavarti shell in the house and read Sri Sukta regularly. Keep water in this shell and pour it on an idol of Goddess Lakshami. Wear a Sri Yantra made of silver with a pearl in it.

Home Remedies for Chandra

Chanting Chandra Beej Mantra especially during Mondays :- ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्रमसे नमः Om Shram Sharim Shrom Sah Chandrmasya Namha.

Kemdrum Dosha Remedies

Dear readers, there is no need to worry upon seeing the ill effects of this malefic dosha, Kemdrum. The good news is that astrology is the one-stop for every problem of yours. So, let us what solution does astrology have for you in the form of Kemdrum dosha remedies. If a person with this terrible yoga performs these remedies, it is said that he or she can overcome the upcoming challenges or setbacks coming towards him.

1. Donate White Things

Since the colour white is associated with the planet Moon, one should donate things that are white in colour to lessen the ill effects of Kemdrum yoga. For example, you can donate white-coloured food items, such as kheer, sugar, and camphor. Also, donate white clothes, white flowers or white pearls.

2. Seek Blessings from Lord Shiva

If there is one god who can protect you from problems like poverty and disturbed married life, he must be none other than Bholenath, aka Lord Shiva. It is advised to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva by keeping a fast every Monday and offering milk on Shivalings every day. To make this Kemdrum dosha remedies more effective, you can also worship Goddess Parvati.

3. Wear Silver Accessories

Thinking about how to reduce the negative effects in your life caused by Lonely Moon Dosha? Then take the help of silver accessories. Yes, you read that right. Wearing silver accessories such as a pendant made of the moon with a silver chain or a silver ring can help you come out of the problems caused by this dosha.

4. Place Dakshinavarti Shell

To eradicate poverty and open the doors for abundance and prosperity in your life, you must place the Dakshinavarti shell in your temples. Also known as Lakshmi Shankh, this conch shell will try to solve all your problems related to money and will lead you to a comfortable life free from money problems.

5. Recite Shri Sukta Mantra

Last but not least is the Kemdrum yoga remedies that will keep your bank balance in good condition. In other words, reciting Shri Suktam Mantra or paath every day will bring you money, abundance and prosperity. Not only this, but this mantra will fight the upcoming hurdles or problems in your life, blessing you with a happy and fulfilled life.

Variety of problems in a person's life

Mental and emotional instability Financial difficulties Marital problems Health problems Accidents and misfortune

Auspicious and Inauspicious results of Kemdrum Yoga

He may face troubles related to his profession. The mind is usually restless and unsatisfied. The person is usually dependent on others. Such a person has a long life but faces troubles in his married life and from children. There is a misconception about Kemdrum yoga that it provides a person with a troubled life. Hence, many astrologers believe this yoga to be inauspicious. This notion is not totally true. People born in Kemdrum yoga do well in their profession. They also receive respect and appreciation in their field of work. Usually, astrologers in modern times only talk about the inauspicious effects of this yoga. But, if they start talking about the auspicious results too, people would know that due to the presence of some yogas, Kemdrum yoga is converted into Raj yoga. Therefore, while analyzing a person’s kundali, it is important to notice the yogas which convert Kemdrum yoga.

Cancellation of Kemdrum Yoga

Kemdrum Yoga can be cancelled if the moon is conjunct with an auspicious planet or if the moon is in the sign of an auspicious planet.

  • The presence of benefic planets in the center from the ascendant will cancel the ill effect of Kemdrum yoga.
  • Presence of planets in the center of the moon.
  • A powerful Moon aspected by Mercury, Jupiter, or Venus.
  • The Moon in taurus in tenth house and aspected by a benefic.

Kemdrum Yoga can calm your mind through meditations and spiritual practices, can give good results also if you have the ability to turn any of the effects to your advantages.

  • It can give quick learning.
  • Theoretically you can be a genius but could not be able to implement it.
  • You can be a good teacher, guide, and coach.
  • Spiritual pursuits become easy as you would love your solitude and will not get distracted by the people around you.

Partial and Negative Combination of Kemdrum Yoga

  • This yoga is completely negative, so the below mentioned combinations formed in Kemdrum yoga are equally terrible.
  • The Moon in the lagna or the 7th house receiving Jupiter’s aspect.
  • Lesser points in Ashtakvarga will create more damage.
  • Nighttime birth on waning moon aspected by malefic will give ill effects.
  • Moon making planetary combination which has forfeited in planetary war and closely correlated with Rahu/Ketu.

Combustion and Retrogression effect of Kemdrum Yoga

This is an inauspicious yoga and if the Moon is combusted then will produce more mental, physical, and emotional issues.

What you should do to nullify Kemdrum Yoga?

  • Touch your parents feet daily.
  • Donate rice and sugar on Monday.
  • You must wear a silver ring in your hand or a chain in your throat.
  • Chant Om Namah Shivaya daily 108 times morning and evening.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Maintain a gratitude journal.
  • Start working on self-empowerment programs.



🍂The combination of planets in the horoscope decides the condition and direction of life. When two planets sit together in any house of the birth chart, then they make one or the other astrological combination, which is auspicious as well as inauspicious. If there is a combination of auspicious planets in the horoscope, then auspicious yoga is created. In such a situation, a person's life is filled with happiness, but if yoga is being formed due to inauspicious planets, then the person's life becomes full of struggle and problems. In this way, if Saturn and Moon come together in any place on a person's birth chart, then Vish Yoga is formed. Its side effects are more when these planets are in mutual condition. Talk to astrologers to know more about Vish Yoga.